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Male, 31, from The Fuzzy Fields of Dizziness @[email protected]

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    Jun 14, 1990 (Age: 31)
    The Fuzzy Fields of Dizziness @[email protected]
    Getting Dizzy from Fuzzies
    United States
    Just as a heads up, my user name is pronounced "Luke"

    My personal bio

    Used to make videos on Youtube from April 2012 to December 2015, had about 13,000+ subs before stopping too. (Not like all of them watched anything though, 10,000+ subs don't matter when less than 1,000 watch your videos hahaha...) I blame myself stopping my Animal Crossing: New Leaf videos for the "view lowering" on my channel... but if I had the choice to do things differently... honestly?

    I'd do it again. Why?

    Making videos is suppose to be FUN, (which... editing/rendering/uploading IS hard work but...) once playing the actual games starts feeling like a job... that's when it's a "why should I?" I pretty much played the Japanese version from January to US release, and then once it came out in English... that's when the "begging" for items, trades and "come to my town!" people started coming up. Pretty much quit Animal Crossing AND from then on, started hating the game due to everyone BEGGING for more when, after a while it's just the same thing. (minus holidays... but holidays don't happen often during Summer lol...)

    Either way, probably 80-90% of the people wouldn't give my other videos a chance, where I was actually having fun and my spirits were bright, compared to my Animal Crossing videos where I pretty much had to full on "ACT" like I was enjoying myself... it was NOT fun.

    How do I know this?

    I brought back Animal Crossing for a few videos just to test the grounds.

    OF COURSE views sky rocketed back up when I did them again, because people have a one track mind and only want to watch specific things. Just look at Five Nights at Freddy's or before that, "Slenderman" which.. I bring up that fad because, that's all it was, a fad because... do you hear much about Slenderman these days? No.

    Sooner or later, FNaF will probably be the same and I KNOW my AC:NL videos would have been the same, so why not "move on and try new videos?"

    Cause people will not bother giving you the chance.


    *stops making AC:NL videos and tries to go to new games and videos, like Pokemon battles*

    *stops watching*

    However, if I could... I'd still honestly make videos even if less people would be watching now. (hell I did a final video and... some of the comments did make me emotional as I was extremely sad when making the video)


    Also if you were wondering... or just haven't checked my signature yet, yes I do have a 3DS capture device... 2 actually, since before coming to the hacking scene (and probably before it was even possible) I have an English 3DS capture device (cobalt blue original model) and a Japanese 3DS to capture Japanese only titles even if I don't know Japanese... never stopped me from beating Pokemon games since Diamond/Pearl days

    The Japanese 3DS was the same color (but at the same time... had "metal" color edging on some places, unlike the cobalt Luigi's Mansion 3DS that came out in the US) however... that 3DS is now out of my hands as I have a black standard size NEW 3DS capture device that I played Japanese games on for the channel. However, if I could "now"? It's on A9LH so it could play Japanese OR English games for the channel now hahaha

    So, what happened? Well...

    *cue to next spoiler tag*

    So... why did I quit?

    ... for a while before I went to the doctor (and pretty much had to almost YELL at my family practice doctor to give me a referral to see a specialist) I had been getting pretty bad painful feelings in my body. My body was getting weaker. I didn't know why...

    ... until I saw Rheumatologist (after DEMANDING a referral that even my MOM had to be with me to get out of my doctor as ironically, I'm not a good speaker and quite shy)

    Pretty much, 2015 sucked hard.

    February 2015: First visit to Rheumatologist, was diagnosed with Polyarthritis, got bloodwork for Rheumatoid Arthritis, came back negative.

    Time passing, body feeling worse...

    July 2015: Rheumatologist checked me out at all the pressure points and... diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia (GREAT combo for Polyarthritis)

    More time passes... still recording btw, body getting even worse while I try to record... but just record less than I used to.

    November 2015: Mom demands another blood test be done to check for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Bloodwork comes back a week later.


    Only my second blood test for it, and it came back positive... after all that time... but even still... my dad's been tested for it plenty, all coming back negative and he's had the same symptoms as me, but LONGER...

    So now... I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which is a crippling, non-curable disease (only can "suppress" it... or "try") while also having Fibromyalgia...

    The former makes my joints hurt... so going up and down stairs sucks... so much that I have a cane now... and even typing too long on the computer can hurt my fingers... yes, that does mean playing on a controller can hurt after a while too...

    The latter makes my "muscles" hurt... aka my entire body actually can be affected by this, where it can hurt SO much, that even the shirt on my back can hurt my body... and it REALLY sucks when that happens...

    ... December 2015: I put a halt to my channel and make one last video, so that way "my true fans" will know that I was stopping videos. Which I felt is what they deserved to have, rather than just let the channel die with no response from myself.

    Will I ever make another video? On that channel... no.

    ... on another channel... only time will tell.

    If you want my old Youtube channel (if anyone is even reading this, may have just typed it just to make myself feel better) please send me a PM and I'll get back with ya as soon as I can! (I don't bite!)

    So, after all of the drama and tragedy above happened where am I at with things?

    Well... honestly every day is a day of pain, and... ironically found out that blue, my favorite color, also is a representation of Rheumatoid Arthritis (well... more so Arthritis itself, with a mix of purple from Lupus too... which my mom THAT... and has had it since around 2000, but I go with blue since again, favorite color lol)

    I pretty much live each day one day at a time... can't work with my condition, especially since I tire out doing the most simple jobs... even "getting a shower and ready" can tire me out =<

    If I'm not doing anything in particular (errands/family time/etc) I'm usually just... laying down on the computer, like now as laying down is when I suffer the least amount of pain.

    ... although it doesn't 100% make it go away as sometimes my joints become "inflamed" in pain, like my knees just start hurting and then I can't even go to sleep due to the immense pain D,=

    Otherwise... nothin else goes on with me since... well, I wish I COULD relax but also suffer from a mild case of anxiety which... can actually get pretty bad... and why I'm not too good at talking to people either (as well as some other reasons) so... if you do wanna be friends... I honestly don't mind => (makes me feel better when someone approaches me... rather than myself approaching someone as I tend to not be too god with "first words" ahaha... as well as suck at just saying good bye ahahaaaa...

    ANYWAYS! I think that pretty much explains my current situation mostly... besides the more "personal" things.

    So... before I say what I own, note I've barely been in the hacking scene for long, if anything the only thing I've put CFW in and that was a LONG time ago and haven't played it in forever (so I've forgotten by now) is my PSPs so keep that in mind.

    Also, most my consoles I don't play much anymore as... I am usually laying down when I'm relaxing, so... sticking with handheld more than anything (which may explain the Wii U down below too)


    White Pokemon Anniversary NEW 3DS (A9LH Luma3DS)
    Black NEW 3DS w/ Capture Device installed (A9LH Luma3DS)
    ^Note: Also have a Kyogre faceplate to go on either one I am currently playing as... it's made of a "suede" material and feels VERY nice to hold while playing) Click here to see what it looks like

    (used to have a 2nd one until I sold it to someone... they offered quite a bit of money even though I was offering a lower amount, so obviously I took it (and yes, I did explain everything to them))

    Cobalt Blue o3DS w/ Capture Device installed (probably will not put custom firmware in it since I usually like going to the Pokemon competition that's held an hour from my house and... "just in case" I need it if they try to ban me from it somehow, this is like my back up pretty much)

    Pikachu o3DS XL (haven't used in forever, hate XLs honestly just got cause "Pikachu" lol)

    Blue DSi
    Pikachu Edition DS lite
    Black/Granite DS phat with Minish Cap Link etched on front (from Nintendo World)
    Pikachu Edition Game Boy Micro
    20th Anniversary Game Boy Micro
    Pikachu Edition Game Boy Advance SP
    Pokemon Center Game Boy Advance
    Gold/Silver Pikachu and Pichu Game Boy Color
    Special Yellow Edition Game Boy Color
    The Original Game Boy that I took from my sister

    Blue Sapphire PS VITA w/ Capture Device installed (1000 Unit)
    Big Boss Edition PSP (3000 Unit)
    Piano Black PSP (1000 Unit)

    Game Gear (aka Battery Sucker)



    Wii U (wired online connection... so even if online updates, still have a choice if I wanna hack with the leaked (:<) CFW since it's ethernet cable is unplugged currently)

    Nintendo 64
    Super Nintendo
    No I don't have a NES, the one my sister had that I would have gotten eventually broke... somehow...


    Playstation 4
    Phat 60gb PS3 (yes, the backward compatible one, which explains why I don't have a PS2 or PS1 anymore, and yes it still works)


    Xbox 360
    Nope, not getting Xbox One, don't care for Microsoft currently

    Also have a Sega Genesis but... lost power cables to it of course since it was at my grandma's house until she had to be put in assisted living... and then I have NO IDEA what happened to my Sega Dreamcast... (ugh I miss that thing ;~; still even have games for it)

    May edit this later to include pictures if I'm not lazy... maybe not, no idea currently.

    U tuched buth buttuns...

    does dat mea... u liek Fuzzizz??? @[email protected]

    Cuz ef soooo... let meh noooo!

    Den we can pok alllll teh Fuzzizz ~w~

    Note: don't PM me unless you are truly serious... and if you wanna RP with Fuzzies... just note me "Fuzzies are fun" I guess cause otherwise I'd probably just tally you in, to my signature for how many people touched top "Fuzzy" spoiler tag lol

    Note 2: Real Life Drug abuse is bad, DON'T DO EET KIDS... and adults lol (unless it's prescribed!)


    Touchin Fuzzies all day erryday @[email protected]
    Get dizzy! @[email protected]/ [​IMG]
    Wonder if people should somehow notify me and I'd keep track of the number of dizzied people...
    After all, Fuzzies aren't bad, you DID click here after all... >=D
    Black Standard n3DS [JPN] on A9LH, Luma3DS (AND A CAPTURE DEVICE!)

    White Standard n3DS [ENG] on A9LH, Luma3DS

    If you want my FC, let me know!
    (especially if we become friends :>)

    Note: I switch between 3DSes which is why I have both listed...

    and I do have "original" 3DSes... one with a capture device to I haven't hacked for reasons...

    Also on Twitter!

    ... and Tumblr
    (but don't write a lot on tumblr, more so look at dash from time to time... and can have my quiet times on Twitter too, but not as much)

    I also have an old Youtube (with over 13,000 subs) but "retired" from it due to conditions I suffer from... :<

    However, if you do want it, I will PM you the link
    (personal reasons... which ARE on Twitter but up to you if you'd rather read all that)

    I may one day return but on a different channel... but until then...
    *lays down when not doing anything while in pain over half the time*