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    God loves you and all the People on Earth,but.....

    Lol, he was talking about “see”. Like Said I am not into this.
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    God loves you and all the People on Earth,but.....

    I am not a Christian but your counter-argument is weak aswel. You do not see the wind but the signs/effects of the wind.
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    Hacking New PS3 Game - Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque

    So arabs are not allowed to write certain way because you think it is terrorism? Maybe go and study instead of getting afraid of things which you don’t understand.
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    Hacking How to get NNID account info

    Thanks for the hint. I tried goldleaf but it only shows some hex value.
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    Hacking How to get NNID account info

    Hi everyone, Is there anyway to see linked account info on CFW without connecting to internet? I forgot which account I linked to my CFW switch. I want to reuse my account on my Switch Lite because I have some legit games on it. I need to know email or NNID. Any tips?
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    Hardware What will the next Xbox be called?

    Xbox home edition (for casual gamers) Xbox professional edition (gamers) Xbox ultimate edition (collectors). Some games will require Pro or Ultimate. Only basic games will work on home edition.
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    Global Warming: The actual charts

    "...last 1000 years". Real data or just assumptions? btw; I have no opinion when it comes to global warming. I do believe that we need to take care of our planet.
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    Hacking can the Switch Mini get cfw on it ?

    Can the Playstation 6 get cfw? We know it will get released after PS5 and I am sure 5 will get hacked, so what about PS6? PS7 I am sure it will not be hacked.
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    Homebrew WIP Diablo-NX - Nintendo Switch Port of DevilutionX (Diablo)

    Yooooo MVG! I like your videos and watch them often. Keep up the good work!
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