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    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition trailer

    If Vice City doesn’t have Billie Jean and the rest then what’s the point.
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    Hacking Question what exactly can i do with a banned switch

    Is hbg shop still going? I haven't updated it in ages because I figured it'd be over by now.
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    Hacking Question Has anyone been banned for always offline EmuNAND?

    i could be banned. I wouldn't know, i'm already blocking access to Nintendo servers anyway so i don't actually know if my switch is banned or not. i've banned myself.
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    ROM Hack NOOB FRIENDLY Guide: AC:NH Easter Event manual unlock.

    Also can't we just cheat the limited time egg items or whatever.
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    ROM Hack NOOB FRIENDLY Guide: AC:NH Easter Event manual unlock.

    I heard the rabbit is more trouble than it is worth, but I'll need to learn this for the next event, and all other events potentially. I hate turning my Switch off though. And I hate learning new things, drives me crazy.
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    ROM Hack Guide: How To Get AC:NH Easter Event on BANNED/OFFLINE switchs

    Is someone going to come up with an easier way to do this? I don't want to remove my SD card and fiddle with files for every event.
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    Hacking Question Will new switches in the future be able to install custom firmware?

    Even if you can hack future revisions, suppose it's out of stock for a long time because people are buying it up.
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    Hardware 1TB card issues

    I'd also like to know this. I want a 1TB, because loading games off USB is a pain, but I heard a 1TB caught fire in someone's Switch.
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    Hacking What happens if you start a modded WiiU without the SD card in?

    If I need to mod another one now, then yeah it is nice. It'd be funny if the cause of losing my WiiU, thinking i was giving away a spare, was the solution to giving it away. I'm going to plug in some of my other spare WiiUs, maybe I mixed it up with one of them. And no it's none of them, they...
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    Hacking What happens if you start a modded WiiU without the SD card in?

    I hadn't used my WiiU in a few months, which I had modded with Nintendont and stuff, modded the Wii and WiiU mode. I went to plug it in today and it came up as if it had been factory reset. and then i noticed the memory card wasn't in the slot, I must have put it "somewhere"? Anyway assuming...
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    Atlus to revise two "homophobic" scenes for Persona 5 Royal's western release

    The scenes were pretty bad. While encouraging they even put gay characters in the game, you have to wonder what life is like in Japan for gay people if Atlus felt it was totally cool to have them be only Mr Garrison style stereotypes. People like that do exist, more power to them, but not all...
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    Persona 5 Royal gets its western release date in a new trailer

    Been waiting a long time to play this game in native 4K.
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    Mine arrived today. My TV doesn't support 1440p it seems, so 1080p only. However, it does seem to work quite well. I'm looking at Luigi's Mansion on GameCube on Nintendont at 480p and it noticeably smooths jaggies. professor e.gadds glasses turn from a jagged stepped line into a smooth straight...
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    Gaming Let's figure out something that only streaming games could do

    Real life remote control cars, 12 remote cars in a warehouse, 12 players control them from their xboxes, paying $1 per race, which is used to pay for the cost of clearing the cars and setting up new cars after each race. Real physics, real video, overlaid with animations.
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    GBAtemp Exclusive Introducing: the GBAtemp Game Center! The first phase of our new central site feature

    Also is anyone going to make backups, or if gbatemp goes down one day does the project disappear too?
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