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    ROM Hack WIP Dragon Quest Builders 2 Save Editor(& PC[STEAM])

    Is it possible to use this to learn all the recipes as well? That and being able to edit the Player Name if possible would be great! Otherwise this is awesome so far. Edit: Turns out you can change the player name in-game, so that's not necessary. But a way to know all recipes/fill in the...
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    Nintendo Indie World broadcast December 2019 - live coverage

    Hell YES Axiom Verge 2! Also, Skatebird is adorable?
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    Gaming Isn't it time for Paper Mario Switch?

    You guys, play Bug Fables. It's on Steam, 20 bucks, and in the first 10 minutes it feels like Paper Mario. There are "badges" (medals), "Star Points" (Exploration Points) and more like that. Even the fight system feels the same.
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    Homebrew GBARunner2

    I mean personally I don't care about filtering so that's exciting to hear!
  5. LoganK93

    Homebrew GBARunner2

    Been away from any 3ds stuff for a while. Loving the DS widescreen stuff and was curious if there was a like, zoom/full screen type patch/function for this?
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    GameStop has laid off over 100 people; 14% of their associate base cut to "optimize business"

    Really disappointing to see it dying stil . I LOVE going in and generally get decent deals. I enjoy talking to the employees, and honestly thought it would have been a great place for me to work. :(
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    Gaming OoT 3d help w/ Darunia's room as Adult Link

    As young Link you need to light the torches. That opens the shop. Then Zeldas Lullaby opens the door to Darunia. As adult you SHOULD only need to talk to his son, but make sure you ask him about both the gorons and the dragon or he just stands there and cries. After you talk to him he should...
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    Homebrew TWPatcher - DS(i) mode screen filters and patches

    I'm an idiot. Could this ever lead to widescreen on 3DS with DS games? Even if stretched I'd love to finally kill those black bars.
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    Hori to release 'Daemon X Machina' grip controller

    And here I am waiting for someone to make a 3rd party controller that isn't stripped of every fucking feature.
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    Google Stadia release, pricing and games announced

    Will they be putting Google fiber in more locations then? Because the internet in my area can barely stream Netflix.
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    Do you support marijuana legalization?

    I wonder if Caffeine is seen as just as bad by some of these people. It is actually chemically addictive, can lead to withdrawals, can cause heart attacks, and rot out your stomach.
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    Super Mario Maker 2 Direct - Roundup

    I don't mean local wireless though. As far as the trailer showed, only building is done on one screen. All the multiplayer footage was about online or local wireless. Though the eshop page says 1-4, that could still be wrong.
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    Super Mario Maker 2 Direct - Roundup

    Sincerely hope the multiplayer is offline too. :/
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    New Minecraft update removes references to creator "Notch"

    You know, he does seem nuts. But as a gay man, I will say that some of this stuff us a bit much. My husbands sister is MtF and that I can understand. But LGBT has become LGBTQIA+? I'm not even sure what they all are anymore. I went from getting death threats for my own sexuality to being...
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    PlayStation to start its own brand of Nintendo Direct-like announcement streams called State of Play

    Wii was popular: PS Move. Smash is popular: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Nes Classic? PS classic. Nintendo Direct? State of Play. And that's just a handful of examples.
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