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  • ok but that's the solution if you don't connect to the internet to your system nand its safe
    oh sorry if this is late no I just installed the gba game on both sysnand and emunand and then launched with reinand and it worked I have gateway by the way so that's the reason I can install games on both nands the agbfirm its installed in the main nand so its not important where you install it because you modify the same file on both nands so just install the gba games on both nands and run it in a custom firmware
    I actually installed games on emunand and sysnand and then I runed them on reinand cfw and it worked so you could try that
    @davidm222 I haven't solved, but the solution is relevant to installing gba games (or maybe patched agbfirm) to both sysnand and emunand
    hey bro you posted a comment that said this on a forum GBA games don't work for me. "An error has occured" error pops up when I open a gba game. My sysnand is 9.1 Jap, emunand is 9.4 (region changed to Eur)
    Edit: forgot to mention it's New3DS have you made it worked I have the same error
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