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    Hacking PS4 and Vita Remote Play questions

    Hi, i was wondering a few things about playing the ps4 remotely with the Vita: 1- Is it possible to use remote play between a hacked PS Vita and a non-hacked PS4 ? I saw in some places that both systems must be updated to remote play, is that true ? 2- Do the two consoles have to be logged in to...
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    ED64 Plus... my impressions. Any Owners around here?

    Hi there, Anyone knows how to configure both ed64plus os and alt 64 os in the ed64plus, like booting into ed64plus os and then selecting manually alt 64? I can't get this to work, and also does someone knows how to put boxart in the alt64 os? I find little to nothing about these topics on the...
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    Hacking [PSP] La Pucelle Ragnarok Translation

    Has anyone ever experienced an issue that the SE vol and the Battle vol sounds doesn't work ? When i mess with the ingame settings the voice vol and music vol present the changes, but the SE and Battle never work in the settings or ingame. I'm using a PSP 2000 with 6.60 PRO-C2. Other question...
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