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    Homebrew Dsi Ware Downgrade

    After doing the dsiware nfirm downgrade succesfully on my n3ds 11.1, do i format system? i heard you can brick when downgrading to 9.2 if you dont format, etc. what do i do to not mess this up? i already downgraded my nfirm and want to downgrade to 9.2 without bricking. thanks.
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    Homebrew Transfer from o3ds to n3ds

    Is it possible to only transfer TLOZ 4 swords from my o3ds to n3ds? just that game, nothing else. i want to do the dsiware downgrade.
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    Homebrew Options for New 3ds 11.1

    What can i do to hack and downgrade my new 3ds on 11.1? browser has been unopened and have a legit copy of TLOZ 4 swords on my hacked o3ds. what can i do?
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    Hacking Updating to 3.60

    True bro i guess it wont hurt to wait and see what happens, thanks a lot for your replies
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    Hacking Updating to 3.60

    Ok man I think ill stay on it thanks for your reply auto Will Henkaku offer more than tn-v in the future?
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    Hacking Updating to 3.60

    Hello. I am on version 3.52 with TN-V 11 installed and i want to know if i should stay on 3.52 or to update to 3.60 and get henkaku. Should I? What is better? Thanks for your replies.
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    Homebrew [Release] CIAngel - download GOOD cias right on your 3ds :)

    Wait. I had a friends 3ds on 10.7: newest version. He wants homebrew and downgrade but he has no oot 3d or CN. So I have a hacked 3ds with oot 3d installed and wanted to transfer it but I can't since it was not legitly installed from eshop. With this program can I get the tickets and stuff to be...
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    Homebrew System Transfer

    Aww really noooooo auto Are you sure sure?
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    Homebrew System Transfer

    I have an o3ds with arm9loaderhax installed and up and running. I have cubic ninja CIA and oot3d CIA installed already. But I have a friend that has o3ds 10.6 and he wants to downgrade, but he needs either OOT or Cubic ninja. So since he is on the latest version, can I transfer my OOT CIA or...
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    Homebrew How do you delete 3D Land!!

    Thank you! That may be it. What do you mean by game I'd on FBI? What directories?
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    Homebrew How do you delete 3D Land!!

    I want to delete SM3DLand but I can't..!!!! I'm so pissed. Data management... Not there. I tried everywhere, even sysnand, just everything. I can't delete the game! The game is on emunand. How the heck can I uninstall it? Thanks for your replies
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    Homebrew GBA Start Animation in GBA CIA

    Yeah thank you so much, hope I can answer this issue as well now that I know and continue the chain xD but thanks though you made my day
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