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    Diablo ll resurrected, any way to bypass the "link account to play"?

    By reading previous comments...
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    Diablo ll resurrected, any way to bypass the "link account to play"?

    If you had installed the update before you need to "reset" the game version from tinfoil.
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    Hardware Connect Switch Bluetooth Audio to Windows PC?

    Holy sh* I did it! You need to install Bluetooth Audio Receiver app from Microsoft store then try again but first in the app click open connection. It's working! It's AWESOME.
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    Diablo ll resurrected, any way to bypass the "link account to play"?

    As I don't want to share links, just read the comments in nxbr*w and you will find all the answers *with links.
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    Hacking Atmosphere-NX - Custom Firmware in development by SciresM

    You are on the right path to fix it. I had the same error and you need a fresh install + you need to rename fusee files. Read the installations guides in github.
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    Diablo ll resurrected, any way to bypass the "link account to play"?

    You need to fix the game version from Tinfoil in order to work. Also you can make the updated D2R to work but you will need to start a new game on (Base Version) save the game and make a JKSV Save Backup Export. Then save and edit settings.json with notepad Add this line: "User Last...
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    Hardware Switch won't turn on or detect RCM

    Did you try running with a different cable? I had a really reliable IMO cable that I used only for injecting payloads that failed and I was thinking that my Switch is broken.
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    Hacking Switch Backlight On + RCM but Nothing else seems to work

    Also try different device, or diffrent HIGH quality usb-c cable or even better RCM Loader device. Few weeks ago I had not the same, but similar problem where I was able to inject with RCM Loader, but not with my PC and turns out it was my usb-c cable going dead.
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    Hardware How possible is it to find a hackable Switch nowadays?

    When I bought mine 2 months ago for 200$ with a case and a DKTF, I used only local to my country online marketplaces. You can basically look for a picture of the back of the device and if you see year 2016 or 2017 it's awesome guess that the machine is hackable. Asking for a Serial number for me...
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    ROM Hack Question Play online with Nintendo Switch Unlocked + Android

    For that you can even use only 1 SD card if it's partition correctly, but personally use 1 big SD Card for SWITCH CFW and one smaller for Android, because I only use Android when I'm on my villa to watch Cinemapk, HBO, Netflix etc. and local paid sport TV app, so don't need to bring my laptop...
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    Hacking Possibility of an OLED screen mod on an unpatched Switch

    As more i look at it as more i think it would be possible. If you look the layout of buttons on the OLED model you can see that everything is in the original place, so there is a big chance that the mobo is the same. Also if you go buy screen replacement for phone screens in Aliexpress you can...
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    Homebrew RELEASE TriPlayer - A feature-rich audio player for Nintendo Switch

    Tried TriPlayer through the weekend. Everything works good with no problems or crashes. Sad that you can't control game volume and player volume independently (but that's more BOTW fault, not the Player I think)... I only use it with long MP3 files (Podcasts, eBooks) and I didn't have problems...
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