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    Hacking Wii discs

    Thanks Cyan, that's what I wanted to know. Do you know whether this raw dumping feature of a dvd drive has a specific name or do you know a bluray drive which support raw dumping? Flash the drive's firmware would be another possibility, but I think it's hard to make an own firmare.
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    Hacking Wii discs

    No, I just want to know why you need a different disc drive. Dumping games by USB Loader GX works fine.
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    Hacking Wii discs

    Hey guys, Does anyone know why you need a special disc drive for your computer to copy wii discs? What's so different on the hardware?
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    GBAtemp's 10th Birthday Mario Kart 7 Tournament!

    Hi! My name (the name of the winner) will be Sethew. Yes, I want to participate.
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    Hacking 3DS rom dump info

    No, it actualy doesn't look very similar to it. Maybe they used the DS for sending very basic commands to the card which are still used in the 3DS cards (reset, get cardID). After receiveing the cardID the 3DS would start to enter a new command mode which the DS doesn't know (because it's a new...
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    Hacking Running 3DS Games on PC

    hehe, quite a funny story you troll ;)
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    Hacking Post your ideas regarding how to hack the 3DS, here

    It's not exploitable. This is a dev 3ds with an installed application which was made by someone has the sdk, so it's uninteresting. Read this:
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    Hacking Hacking with 3DS Save DeEncrypter

    Me too, it's really interesting. Why are the save files on the EEPROM not decrypted with a key too? I wanted to help a bit finding hashes in savegames (and what they actually hash) so I have written a hashscanner, a tiny program which searches md5 and sha-256 hashes of blocks (with any size) adn...
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    ROM Hack 3DSExplorer

    @CollosalPokemon: Where are the CIA files saved, have you saved them on SD card? Can you publish any of the SDK files (for example ctrsetting.txt or a CIA file to name a few)?
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    ROM Hack 3DSExplorer

    How did you actually create these CIA files, CollosalPokemon? Can you give us some screenshots about the development of them?
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    Hacking Dumping ROMs with NDS Adaptor Plus

    After 16k into the ROM image (at offset 0x4000) the first NCCH block usually starts.
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    Hacking hacking into the eshop

    Can anyone tell me how it is possible to read an access to the eshop server? When I connect to it with internet explorer 8 it doesn't work and fiddler shows the error message in the received bytes too!
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    Hacking Hacking with 3DS Save DeEncrypter

    wow, can you make not corrupted savegames? Can you post a tut or tell us how you have done this!?
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    Hacking Hacking with 3DS Save DeEncrypter

    Any progress, Immortal (tutorial, deEncrypter)? Can you just make a small tutorial about changing all known checksums correctly when we have modified a savegame, please?
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