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    Homebrew Homebrew app Bloopair: Connect Controllers from other Consoles natively

    Can you please add support for wired Xbox 360 controller in the future?
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    Hacking Wii U Firmware Update 5.5.5 released

    Still happening. Now, when trying to run browser exploit, it will give the following error: FSOpenFile failed. File missing /vol/external01/wiiu/payload.elf This happens before loading haxchi and after loading haxchi. EDIT: UPDATE!!!! Guys, i am so sorry for the trouble. Turned out the file...
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    Hacking Wii U Firmware Update 5.5.5 released

    I think I used two different adapters as well. Each one had its own mini sd card. Don't remember if I switched one of them... I will try to save a mii photo on a clean sd... Btw, I guess haxchi isn't a custom firmware, so even if I can still load it, and Nintendo did something, I may still be...
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    Hacking Wii U Firmware Update 5.5.5 released

    Can you please tell me the best software and configurations for a proper sd formatting? Is it possible to test if my wii u can still read sd cards at all? Everything is working as it should, BUT the sd card. I am using 8GB/16GB mini sd cards with an adapter.
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    Hacking Wii U Firmware Update 5.5.5 released

    It is official. 5.5.5 puts an end to the whole thing. Tried browser exploit, got this error message: FSGetMountSource failed. Please insert a FAT 32 formatted sd card. Tried two different sd cards... Same issues. Sd card will not load anything.
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    Hacking Wii U Firmware Update 5.5.5 released

    Yes... but i had always used this sd without issues. It was already a fat 32 file format. auto Are you guys having any similar issues? If not, then it is my SD.
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    Hacking Wii U Firmware Update 5.5.5 released

    I am copying the content to another SD card and will try using this new card. After loading haxchi, when trying to load nintendo´nt (and gamecube games) as well as wup installer, it says it couldn't find dol file. When trying using browser exploit, it says i may need to format my sd card to FAT...
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    Hacking Wii U Firmware Update 5.5.5 released

    Guys, either my external SD is defective, or the update screwed me big time. Whenever the Wii U tries to load a file there, it fails. Haxchi works because it is already installed, but browser hack, nintendon´t and wup installer don't work anymore.
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    Hacking Input Lag is a thing, but only on VC/GC

    I know my TV is probably the one to blame, but I have almost none input lag when playing Wii U and Wii games, including EShop games, which is why I don't understand why this happens only with virtual console and Gamecube games. Am I doing something wrong which may explain my issues with input...
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    Gaming Free Wii U eShop?

    Report Nintendo and make a few bucks for yourself.
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    Misc How to check down/up speeds, ping and jitter on the Wii U?

    How can i test my internet connection on the wii u? I want to know down/up speeds, ping and jitter. I am currently using netflix to check down speeds, but that's it. it seems that all speed test websites do not work properly on the wii u browser. Is there one that really works perfectly? Or...
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    Hacking WiiU Virtual Console finally fixed! [No More dark filter, and widescreen support!]

    I don't care for the dark filter. What i do want is to play Wave Race 64 without those black borders on the bottom and top of the screen. It is really stupid having those borders on a 16x9 TV if the source image is already 4x3. We've got both the right and left borders, as well as these other...
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    Hacking Nintendont

    I have exactly the same problem! Did you get a solution? I manually updated title.txt and gcn_md5.txt on the PC, but I'm not sure if is in the same folder as the other two. I just put the zip file there without extracting it first. Path: F:\Nintendont\Apps\Nintendont
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    Tutorial [WORKING][FIX][EASY INSTALL] Wii U USB Helper

    I can 100% confirm that OpenDNS was blocking most USB Helper downloads. Using default settings eliminated the issue. In fact, I changed the DNS settings on the modem / router several times, but completely forgot that I was using OpenDNS in the Windows setup. My VPN software probably forced the...
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    Tutorial [WORKING][FIX][EASY INSTALL] Wii U USB Helper

    Oh, sorry. i was referring to Nintendo Wii U. I don't own a Nintendo 3DS. 3DS downloads are not possible anymore. You get an error message explaining why.
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