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    What are some trash games that modders have made better?

    Well slots, obviously. I have seen better games in gamdom and this is why there is a need for most of of this since we can all deal with it in a way that it makes us work hard for it. This is no need for the bigger problems and i can say that it matters more if we win.
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    Worst type of console fanboys

    Probably those who plays Fortnite xD jk
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    New Pokémon Series To Be Released Covering The Games Original Stories

    That is a good note then. I would love to dive deeper into the games rather than to deal with the same thing over and over again. That is not a good note that i would love to have since the main series seems that it is repeating itself in to the way that we know it would work too.
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    Apple Can I recover a deleted Whatsapp conversation in iPhone?

    Is that even possible? I do not think that we can do that at this point since there are a lot of questions asked in the same way but on a different level and format. That is going to leave a blank in all of us but then it is a way to find more success in what we have.
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    Pokemon Go Friend Code thread

    Well how about sharing those friend codes then? There are a lot of matters that we can find a way to deal with and this is one of those man. That is a great deal of work waiting for us and i can’t way to deal with it in a way that it will soon be over to win it.
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