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    Wiimote vertical range improvement?

    Hi, There is always going to be an offset problem between the wii pointer and the the screen due to the sensor bar location. One modification is to add a mobile phone fisheye lens or wide angle lens attachment to the end of the wiimote. These are fairly cheap and widely available and you can...
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    Do you think fluoridated water is bad for you?

    Hi, Fluoride should be banned from public drinking water. Here is the latest scientific study showing a potential link between drop in IQ in offspring related to a mother drinking fluoridated water in pregnancy. Of course, more evidence is required, but its a worrying sign for us all. Higher...
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    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] DIY PCB etching / Arduino controller shield

    Hi, I haven't seen a thread like this for years. This is called the "Laser Toner Transfer Method'. I used a Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P205 Personal Monochrome Printer. These are cheap and work great. It has a LED based print head and does 1200dpi (by 600dpi). I also used a GBC H220 High Speed...
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    Hardware Ips Screen New 3dsXl

    I have a few New3DS's which I tested with the homebrew screen checker. I was surprised that of the 3 models I tried only one had the IPS top screen. :wtf: Some say the differences between TN and IPS are very noticeable. :wacko: For me I look mainly straight on and they seem very similar...
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    Tutorial OTPLess A9LH installer On 9.2(N3DS ONLY)

    Hi, I downloaded the OP linked files and installed safeinstaller 'successfully' but for a problem. It seems the SafeA9LHInstallerv2.5 zip file uses an initialising arm9loaderhax.bin which needs to be overwritten, once installed, with the recommended one from Luma. Otherwise you will keep...
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    Homebrew Citro3D: How to apply quaternions to your object?

    I liked this math series about quaternions by Professor Norman Wildberger at UNSW (Australia). Start here:
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    Homebrew RD3DS (Remote Desktop 3DS)

    A little off topic, but ... This streaming software would be a great success if the 3DS could remotely accept a wifi stream from a gopro camera.
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    Homebrew Freakyhax - Primary 3DS exploit made by Plutoo

    I originally checked JB online and found they had stock. I put in a pretend order of 10 freaky forms games and it didn't baulk at this at all. It seems there is lots of back room stock. EDIT: JB web page for...
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    Homebrew Freakyhax - Primary 3DS exploit made by Plutoo

    I don't think people are trying hard to get this game Freaky Forms (also called Freaky FARMS !!!!) - in Australia. I waltzed in to JB's and they had two new copies for $30, and possibly more online for those interested. Release was 3am local time, picked it up at 2pm.
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    Hacking NTRCFW 3.4 Preview1(Support video output on New 3DS)

    This may have been requested already, but .... Can streaming of the inside camera be performed using NTR 3.4, much like a video camera. Perhaps we can get gaming action and gamers on screen at the same time. ^_^
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    I am failing math and science

    If you are not making the grade in any subject its because you have failed to understand the material. I am not saying YOU have failed. There is a difference. With math, if you don't understand it, you will be found wanting sooner or later. Math is a core subject in life and important for...
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    Homebrew [Release] Vex3DS - Vectrex Emulator

    Looking forward to this ... What a surprise. I remember playing this in the department store in 1983 whilst mum went shopping elsewhere. Never did own one. Maybe make an overlay feature having a small frontal offset as a front 3D layer giving a slight amount of parallax.
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    Hacking DSPADPCM (.dsp audio) Encoding Made Easy!

    Does your DSPADPCM code allow streaming to a wii remote for sound output. This would be a great achievement if you can make it work.
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    Emulation [RELEASE] Cemu - Wii U emulator

    You could try this streaming software or message the developer to develop a wiiu gamepad streaming version .
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