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    DS #4145: Virtual Villagers *MULTI5* (Europe)

    played it on PC, an okay game for a while.. but i wish a game with "timer" like this & Animal Crossing have the option to switch it off.. so when people got bored, they can leave the game on the last state without have to worry it'll get messy after leaving it for a long time
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    Gaming DOS Games to Die For

    my fave: Nighthawk F-117A Stealth Fighter 2 -- one of the earliest best flight-simulator ever made! fortunately i still have a copy from the floppy-disks but lost the bulky manual. btw the speaker sound of the aircraft itself is annoying! others: Airborne Ranger Albion Alley Cat B-17 Flying...
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    Gaming Missing Files from desktop?

    ^ that.. if the files you're looking for are in the Desktop folder, then you can check: right-click from Desktop >> Arrange Icons By >> make sure "Show Desktop Icons" is ticked
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    A dog named sex

    haha! i've read this before, somewhere.. but it still really funny
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    TinyT's Member Guide to GBAtemp v2.0

    wow, nicely done tinymonkeyt! i think i fall into these catz: Joker >> LOLIRL Jokers -- can't remember have posted any jokes in this forum, but i-am-a-Joker in the real world, hah! Noob >> Innocent Noob (sometimes Lurker Noob) -- too many forums i attend to, so for now i don't feel attached to...
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    Is It Just Me, OR....

    i remember having two ATARI console when i was a little.. one with internal games, and the other that need cartridge -- while my friends already got their NES -- so, can't say i loved to looking back at my old games except felt envious back then but i do enjoy playing GB games like Dragon...
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    Gaming What are you currently playing?

    currently play: Call of Duty: WaW.. just try it out, at least its better than PSP version GTA: CW Dragon Quest V and.. stuck at: Advance Wars: DoR.. i refuse anything less than "S" rank before advancing Phoenix Wright AA: T&T.. forgot the story already, might want to replay current chapter...
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    Gaming What is better??

    yeah, do yourself a favor and grab Soma Bringer + patch from DarthNemesis, a Diablo-like game that quite amusing at the beginning & pretty boring after you finished it anyway, i'll pick Final Fantasy Tactics A2, then TWEWY >> Castlevania (any) >> Ragnarok DS (simply coz i don't understand Japs)...
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    Gaming sega megadrive emulator for PSP

    i assume you asked about ROM location right? put it anywhere you like coz you can browse for them.. i usually put it in PicoDrive\ROMS though
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    Gaming What games should be on NDS

    whoops! i forgot bout that "exclusive" thingy well, probably there will be a much better clone than Warhammer: SC or Rebelstar: TC on GBA coz this type of TBS is kinda rare, but fit on DS..
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    Gaming What games should be on NDS

    ^ yeah, great games.. i used to play them on PC, minus the FPS one Other candidate is definitely Pathway to Glory series from N-Gage! It's a TBS on WWII setting, with non-grid selection (cloned by Warhammer: SC on DS & PSP) that will make stylus control fit the bill perfectly. Also, a crisp...
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    Hacking Firmware Problem ~.~"

    i have exactly the same issue like Kuschel-Drow, where the FW version that runs well on both of my M3 Real (CP2 & CPE) is only up to v3.9 E29 (Europe-USA-Multi). newer FW just show a blank screen when boot-up the game on every ROMs, but i haven't give Sakura a try though. anyway, since it seems...
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    Gaming Which Final Fantasy DS Game is YOUR favorite?

    im not really into FF games, except FFT back then in PSX, so i really enjoyed FFTA2 Grimoire of the Rift..
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    here's my list: Air Traffic Chaos (Aug 26th?) -> just curious bout games with aircraft flying around on it DS Air (TBA) -> i loved combat flight sim.. currently still playing the Jap version GTA Chinatown Wars (TBA) -> just finished VCS & LCS on psp. n still hunger for another GTA HM...
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    Gaming WWE SmackDown! Vs Raw 2008 Help!!!

    here is the steps: - bring the table up to the ring, take it to any corner & press Square or X (i forgot) to set it up - weaken ur opponent & fill up ur finisher gauge (dont store it!) - quickly do an iris-whip to ur opponent (R + X + Direction where u set up the table earlier) - go near ur...
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