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    1. DeoNaught
      Did you make that yourself? (thing in pfp)
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      2. DeoNaught
        Omg, a ps2 portable would be amazing if you did it. I want to do a portable Ps2 after my Wii.
        Yeah time is the resource alot of Console modder's like us have little of xD

        Well, even if you don't post a worklog, and just post pics of the finished product I'd still be happy.
        May 6, 2018
      3. Koksi__
        May 6, 2018
      4. DeoNaught
        the wii can be trimmed pretty small, and hopefully my wii portable will be small.
        I love the green and Black, you don't see it often, and the battery holders.
        I'd love to help you with intergrating a Charger if you want, there are boards that do it, all you gotta do is wire it in.
        May 6, 2018
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    Jan 10, 1995 (Age: 23)


    PS Vita 3.60 (Henkaku)
    PS Vita Slim 3.15
    PS TV 3.20
    PS3 1TB internal + 3TB external (4.78 Rebug CFW)
    PS3 Dualboot (4.80 OFW ---- 4.78 Rebug CFW)
    N3DS XL (A9LH Luma CFW + 128GB microSD)
    O3DS (A9LH Luma CFW)
    PSP 1004 (6.60 ME CFW)
    NDS (DS Flashcard)
    XBOX 360 (RGH 1.2 + Aurora)
    XBOX Classic (Softmodded + 1TB SATA HDD 3,5")
    PS2 (Softmodded + 1TB SATA HDD 2,5")
    4x N64 (for new Projects)
    N64 Portable (selfmade + Everdrive 64)
    3x SNES
    PS4 3.55
    WII U 5.5.0 (Kernel Exploit)
    Samsung Galaxy S3 (for Navigation)
    Samsung Galaxy S6 (Custom Rom)
    PC Win 10(I7 6700k, Asus Deluxe Mainboard, 16GB DDR4, AMD R9 290x, 250GB SSD, 1TB HDD)
    6x 6TB Western Digital HDDs
    Laptop Acer Win 10
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