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    Homebrew TWPatcher - DS(i) mode screen filters and patches

    Found the issue in another thread and posting here for anyone who might run into the same in the future: uncheck "Skip GBA bios screen" in settings. Everything now works, but the motion controls are too inaccurate to enjoy the game. People are better off sticking to mGBA on the new 3DS or the...
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    Homebrew TWPatcher - DS(i) mode screen filters and patches

    Perfect! Answers all my questions and thanks for the link. Edit: No luck, after all. I followed the guide and made sure the Luma settings are correct and that it's loading from the SD. I then installed the TWPatch and made sure those settings were enabled. Also made sure I wasn't forcing DS/DSi...
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    Homebrew TWPatcher - DS(i) mode screen filters and patches

    Thanks! I'll just add this to another directory and load it as a regular NDS file then. I have a 2DS, N3DS, and N3DSXL. I'm trying to get this working on my 2DS, which I use exclusively for GBA games due to the screen having a grid. Just didn't know if I needed TWPatcher in addition to the...
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    Homebrew TWPatcher - DS(i) mode screen filters and patches

    Found this thread by searching for a fix for WarioWare Twisted. I tried replacing the GBARunner file bundled with TwilightMenu with the one above but now GBA games won't load. Is there another step I'm missing? Do I need to patch something to enable the gyro controls?
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    Software Ryujinx Nintendo Switch emulator gets major performance improvements in new POWER and LDN 2.3 update

    I've got to find a guide and time to install Linux because I've had lackluster performance on my AMD machine with both emulators.
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    Homebrew Snes9xGX-Mushroom

    If using a CRT, what settings are recommended for the best output?
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    Homebrew Snes9x RX - A new fork.

    Thanks for the replies re: SGB support. I'll get this fork setup today and will grab the recommended GBA emulators while I'm at it.
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    Homebrew Snes9x RX - A new fork.

    Does this have support for the Super Gameboy and GB borders?
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    Hacking DSONE clones appear to be available for purchase

    The prices are much better than the original hardware, that's for sure. I just was afraid that the clones were not as reliable. I'll also be sure to use a virtual and dispensable credit card for any orders.
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    Hacking DSONE clones appear to be available for purchase

    Thanks for the replies. I don't need another DS card at the moment, but I may try with a lower price item before looking at something more expensive like a SNES cart.
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    Hacking DSONE clones appear to be available for purchase

    Never ordered from Aliexpress. How do you determine which sellers are legit? Does the site offer buyer protection like, say, eBay?
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    Hacking Custom GBA Frames for AKAIO? (Wiki Links No Longer Work)

    Just wondering if anyone happened to have backups of the custom GBA frames referenced on the WikiTemp: The collection shared by @Vague Rant is no longer active, nor are any of the other external links. I've searched online but can't find a thread that...
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    Homebrew OPEN_AGB_FIRM discussion thread

    If button can eventually be remapped and it retains the compatibility of VC titles, this would be perfect! For now, I guess I'll stick with VC titles/injects for ease of launching games since they're accessing the same hardware.
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    Gaming Is there a better option for playing GBA games than the 3ds?

    Thanks for sharing your preferences! I'd love to see your video comparing these options and addressing things like resolution, input lag, ghosting, button placement, and so on. I love using my 3DS and 3DSXL for SNES games as the button layout mimics the original control pad. I just can't get...
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