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    Gaming FFIV DS (U) Anticipation Thread

    errr? Correct me if I am wrong, but you said DS version is closest to the original storyline... meaning that even the original game (NES version) had some story taken out of it??? And every remake besides DS (gba, wonderswan, psone) are based on simple emulation of the NES version and had no...
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    Gaming FFIV DS (U) Anticipation Thread

    Which version should i play? PSone, GBA, or DS version? As of now, I'm kinda leaning towards psone version since i haven't played psone for awhile now, and it seems like its easier? Please help thanks
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    Hacking How to burn multiple GC isos?

    Hi, I haven't even bought a Wii yet, much less a chip for it. But I was thinking of getting a Wiikey. I read some of the threads that its possible to burn multiple GC isos to a disc then play it off of wii. What i need to know is how I would burn the isos. Is there a special utility that I...
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    Hacking xgflash 256

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    Hacking xgflash 256

    I bought a xg flash a while ago, but haven't used it for awhile now. I forgot how to use it. From what i remember, gba roms have different type of saves. And depending on what type of saves it uses, you have to flash it differently. Can some1 please explain to me how to use this cart? And also...
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    Gaming whats that game called??

    i remember it being a DS game not a GBA game. I also remember IGN did an article on it. and one of the game images has a cat and a mouse.
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    Gaming whats that game called??

    hey guys, i need some help. I remember reading about this game in this forum. The game is similar to wario's minigames, and i think it has only been released in japan. Not sure if there's a US release yet. I think it was also made by some of the guys that first created the wario mini games. thanks
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    Hardware Dumb Newbie Supercard GBA Game Help - White Screen

    If you bought just the superlite, then gba games should work. But if u have the lite rumble... then it will not work. You should've paid closer attention to the description when you bought the flashcard.
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    Hacking supercard software 2.57 out !!!

    just wondering where are you guys getting the firmware from? Is it packed w/ the supercard software patcher? I see a upgrade.scu file but i can't get it to work. how do i load it? thanks btw i have superlite rumble
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    Hacking Slow down when mem close to full?

    Hey guys, i was just wondering if you guys have experienced slow down after your memory card is almost filled? I have a gig of PNY memory and after I loaded the mem card with only about 70mb left, i see slow downs in the flashcard loading to the screen with the games on it, and sometimes when i...
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    There was a japanese release of this game? if so what is it called? thanks
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    Hacking How much games Can i fit?

    So are you saying that i can fit as much as my memory card until windows tells me theres no more space on the mem card?
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    Hacking How much games Can i fit?

    if I overload the mem card with games, does it not load or what?
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    Hacking How much games Can i fit?

    Ok I have a 1 gig microsd card and I think that nintendo's way of counting memory is different. Anyways how will i know how much more games i can put into the memory card or that I have gone over?
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    Hacking How to make Supercard:lite NOT force boot

    doesn't work for me... I have the superlite rumble... weird. any1 know how?
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