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  • Is it normal for your version of sysUpdater to look like it's loaded but unresponsive to any inputs? How long is a normal launch time?
    thanks for your work it has helped me and my friends as well as my lover to get back into multiplayer games on the 3ds thanks to your sysupdater build
    Hello Julian. Sorry to bother you, hope you can answer. Are you and Steve10 still working on MemchunkHax and SysUpdater? It's already safe to do? I'm asking because most bricks seem to come from N3DS, which is my case. Thanks!
    If you use the right CIA and use the latest version from steveice(i compiled and posted them in the internet), then there shouldnt happen hardbricks. Softbricks still happen, but normalfirm and SAFEMODE firm shouldnt be bricked at the same time(as long as you use the latest CIA)
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