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    Homebrew (HELP!) micro SD management not working after updating windows 10 to latest version!
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    Hardware Need help with choosing switch with the best screen

    The clouding lighter effect that you refers is called "Screen bleeding" and is only noticeable when the screen is all black, this is due to the backlight leaking through the lcd panel or the edge of the screen.
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    Hardware Nintendo Switch screen protector, Orzly or amFilm?

    I was about to buy the Orzly but the Amfilm seems pretty good too, someone know if a plastic one can be melted on docked mode ?
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    ROM Hack Hacking New Nintendo 3ds XL 11.5?

    Ninjhax works and I think freakyhax too, Im no sure about the second though.
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    Hacking Blocking updates using only Router blocking

    I think the two easy method are DNS and URL blocking, URL blocking is really good but only if your router allow it and I think is the best because the router do all the job, you are not depending on DNS services which can fail without notice...
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    Hacking Incoming Wii U update 5.5.2

    Ok, I will check that too, I think the router way is more easy, my router have the option to block the urls listed there. Actually I was looking for the urls but I couldn't find them, I thinks is more secure than the DNS, the github article show all the urls, Thanks for the info.
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    Hacking Incoming Wii U update 5.5.2

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    Hacking Incoming Wii U update 5.5.2

    Which are the working DNS to block updates ?
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    Gaming Does anyone use the 3D on the 3ds?

    I used it all the time! I never turn it off.
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    Hacking Formating micro sd card after sky 3ds

    Did you try another card adapter, those microsd to SD adapter are faulty you should try with another if nothing above works.
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    Hacking Formating micro sd card after sky 3ds

    Run Discwritter as administrator and try again, just right click the icon and "run as administrator", I think it need elevated permission to reformat the card.
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    Homebrew UPDATE: Regarding the recent 3DS banwave

    We still don't know yet what was the cause, I never used the free eshop but I do use CHMM2 for a long long time (only with users created themes) then I switch to Themely but I wasn't banned in the wave, so there is something else there, maybe a random wave with the collected data from people...
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    Hacking NTRBoot Released!

    Libertad condicional. By the way someone already stated that this was a joke!.
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    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] [Noob-Friendly] NAND Dumping 2DS/3DS/3DS XL/N3DS/N3DS XL!

    Someone has tried to hardmod a new 3ds with an Argom Tech 88R reader ?
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    Hacking [PoC] Using a Magnet and a DS flashcart to unbrick a 3DS

    Which ones are confirmed so far ?
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