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    Hacking DeadSkullzJr's NDS Cheat Databases

    Hello! So basically, I stumbled upon this post and wanted to import this database into DeSmuME for MacOS but so far haven't found any option to import a .dat file (the usrcheat.dat file that comes with the package from GitHub). Am I supposed to transform this file to a different format for it...
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    Gaming Monster hunter generations save problem

    What happens when you put the cartridge on the 2ds? Does it show the file? If so, then maybe theres something I can help you with. If that isnt the case I think you may have lost your save :/. Also, MHG, cartridge or eshop?
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    Gaming Reasons for getting banned

    And how do I do that? Any tutorials out there?
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    Gaming Reasons for getting banned

    Whats the difference between a .3ds turned into a cia and a cia? EDIT: Also, can you run a .3ds normally? (Aside from Gateway or SKY3DS)
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    Gaming Reasons for getting banned

    Lmao, yeah, that happens a lot. So basically, Nintendo runs no background check on the games that connect? Right now I'm downloading everything through FreEshop (Games I don't own, of course), but its quite slow, is there a better alternative right now? Also, how do I turn .3ds files into...
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    Gaming Reasons for getting banned

    Hello, I'm new to the 3DS scene in terms of pirate ROMs and stuff, and I wanted to know what can get people banned when it comes to them. I read that a leaked Sun/Moon ROM got many people banned, but that was because they played online before release (or at least that was to my understanding)...
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