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    Homebrew CaVE Database Manager - A SNES, NES, N64, Genesis Switch Online modding App

    I’m sorry but I don’t have a contents folder inside atmosphere. Do I need to create one?
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    Hacking Tinfoil Error message after trying to download Mario 3D Allstars

    Inside tinfoil options menu there is an option about modified files or something along those lines it has to say yes and it will install. Went through same thing this morning
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    Hacking Restore installed games to new SD

    Seems odd I did this very same thing over thanksgiving. Made a folder on pc copy all contents of sd card to it then copied back to new card and all was fine.... auto Did u put new sd card into switch before copying everything over to it? Don’t know that that step matters but I did do that
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    Hacking Updated 6.1 to 7.0.1 via ChoiDujour, now just black screen

    Yup did the same last night panicked and forgot to update the boot.dat lol all is well after that
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    Adding more HDMI inputs to TV, something like an HDMI box

    YINGLUN HDMI Switch 4 Port with... I have this one and love it. Been using it for about 6 months
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    Hacking Day one patch for smash

    Why would you run an update??? Just keep on playing the game like we all are now.
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    Homebrew Question Xci to nsp

    i have this program and used it for a bunch of games. Newer games however mutant football and LEGO Harry Potter don’t seem to be working... am I doing something wrong or will I need to wait on a new version?
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    Homebrew Question Modifikate NSOE NSP with more NES games or other Console?

    I got it installed but can’t link account because of super ban..... I know you can’t post it but is there a version of this modified to pass this check?
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    Homebrew RELEASE [OFFICIAL] 4NXCI - A tool for converting XCI to NSP

    I did my entire collection works great! Only trouble is breath of wild and Skyrim. Install always fails help please
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    Homebrew Question Help XCI 2 NSP converter

    i converted all of my xci to nsp and installed all of them And all went perfect. Only two that don’t work is breath of wild and Skyrim they convert fine but install always fails. I did everything the exact same way... any suggestions?
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    Gaming DLC problems

    Ok I can do that. I’m sure it’s from installing anything and everything off nx shop
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    Gaming DLC problems

    im an sx pro user been playing South Park for a while now decided to get on that one site and get the DLC for the game. Installed it with sx pro installer and now when game boots it says download required and it won’t connect and download .... I’m banned lol Anyways I deleted the game and the...
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