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    Halloween Competition: RESULTS!

    nice pumpkin carves... Thank you GBAtemp and 3dsgameworld for the opportunity to win a free 3DS card.
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    Halloween Competition: Pumpkin carving - win an SC DSTWO+!

    I can't carve pumpkins very well, so I'm leaving a reply. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TEMPERS!
  3. jimmyemunoz

    Supercard DSTWO+ confirmed

    I just saw this webpage today: and it says to be released in October!
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    Hacking GBA Expansion Pack (For M3 DS Real)

    Thank you for your response, Joe B-). Yeah, unfortunately, I only have the M3 simply:(. At least I could still get in some slot-2 GBA gaming, though, according to you B-)
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    Hacking GBA Expansion Pack (For M3 DS Real)

    Would you mind telling me which flashcard you used for your testing, oboewan?
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    Hacking patch r4igold 3ds with m3Lite

    You are welcome :yaysp:
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    Tempmas Week 4: The party ain't over!

    My personal goal this year is to switch my major and finally start to enjoy learning again.
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    Super Everdrive sold.

    Super Everdrive sold.
  9. jimmyemunoz

    Christian Bale 'offered $50 million to return for Superman vs Batman'

    This is a very educated response, and loudly rings a bell of truth. Yeah Bale, but 50 Million? Priorities are so messed up in this day and age.
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    Hacking TempGBA: NDSGBA revival

    LOL :p1ng3: OTHER GAMES
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    Hacking A new update tonight

    R4i Gold Plus ( is still working great. The update killed the M3i Zero GMP-Z003 and the R4i Gold Pro ( isn't surprising since they used the same game header.
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    Flipnote Studio 3D announced!

    Wow, I hope this gives value to the 3DS when I sell it. :O
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    FCEUX v2.2.1

    This is a fantastic emulator. The mappers CaH4e3 added allow it to play unlicensed games other emulators haven't addressed. If you haven't tried this emulator out, you ought to, because it really is top knotch...arguably the best all-around NES emulator. Great job to the team of folks behind...
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