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    Homebrew [Release] freeShop - open source eShop alternative

    It also doesn't work for me, and I only got those free themes. auto I've had this error before, it is a bad download. You'll have to try again with a reliable connection.
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    Homebrew Update 11.1 and Homebrew

    I'm having issues. Installed the 11.1 hax using an o3DS Luma CFW system, while it runs on there, it won't run on o3DS non-CFW systems. Freezes as soon as pressing A when the game loads, requiring a force reset.
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    Homebrew Update 11.1 and Homebrew

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    Homebrew Update 11.1 and Homebrew

    Wait, I've been seeing this mentioned a lot lately. The bold only applies to non-cfw systems, right? Like, if I try to install oothax for 11.1 on my CFW with 11.0, it will still work, right?
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    Homebrew Update 11.1 and Homebrew

    Got a question, for OOThax, can I just download the starter kit and use the installer to install the hax for 11.1, or do I have to download the otherapp payload and shove it into my OOT cart?
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    Hacking (WIP) Homemade PSvita memory card

    lol @ playstationhax's comments
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    Homebrew major problem with sysdowngrader nintendo error screen twice!

    Did you format the systems before downgrading?
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    Homebrew Help, I bricked my r4wood/acekard clone

    I have yet to find a solution to R4 clone bricks. I really hate when these companies do that with products that are just, really? Copy protecting a copyright infringing card just so the next manufacturer doesn't profit off their work, ah well. It's more frustrating when a card is sold as legit...
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    Homebrew A man is creating goat simulator for the 3ds

    A man? Not a woman? OMG so misogynist :P
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    Homebrew CFW and Pokemon Bank: Update required but there isn't one

    Hm, it shouldn't be your browser that's the problem, right? Seeing as how your emunand is up to date, unless you recently did change your browser, but if the eshop doesn't work as well, I think something in the firmware is out of date.
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    WTS USA 3DS eShop codes for Retro City Rampage DX & Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

    You can definitely sell eshop game codes. I've sold a number of them here. It's the Microsoft ones specifically that are not allowed.
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    Homebrew Pokemon picross hax by MrNbaYoh

    I sure can't complain about another entrypoint, especially a free one. I just wonder if this one will be ironfall'ed with a required update just to launch it :P
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    Homebrew [Release] freeShop - open source eShop alternative

    I'm sure someone has to buy it and then share the keys :teach:
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    Homebrew Is A Home Menu Gift Rewrapper possible?

    Uh, it's incredibly easy to re-wrap every game on the 3DS. Delete "0000008f" in extdata of the Nintendo 3DS folder.
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    Homebrew Possible hax entrypoint with ORAS?

    Okay, I just started up humblehax, timed it to the exact moment when redn pressed a, and my humblehax was faster lol I'm certainly not doubting it now.
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