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Jun 5, 2017
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    Dec 27, 2000 (Age: 17)
    Having a crush on Madoka Kaname
    United States
    I am in love with Madoka Kaname I love her so much...
    I am a stupid teenager (compared to other hackers, I'm way too smart compared to my surroundings of where I live) who is in love with Madoka Kaname and is not at all the best SM64DS hacker to exist, I really want to become better at it because of how much I suck, I mean, I'm okay enough to get some people who like my hack videos on youtube but I'm not really that great by comparison to everyone else...

    Things I want to pull off but I can't because I am too dumb are the following as listed:
    - making a context sensitive button based on the ones in conker (press y or whatever button that the run button is)
    - changing the move-sets entirely, remove yoshi's attack completely, change everyone to be as slow as wario, remove the run button and always have them running (at wario's speed to mimic fast walking) remove the triple jump and change it to one jump, give Mario a helicopter-y tornado thingy much like Yoshi's Flying and Luigi's jump thingy that slows him down when falling (this, I still can't do and it still bugs me kind of, the helicopter-y tornado thingy would just be an added jump but the "boing" jump onto Mario/Larry and in which case if I can do that then I might want to cut out the triple jump so that Larry can't jump to broken lengths, unless the tornado thingy was made so that it's like Luigi's hover jump instead of going upward and it can't be done when jumping out of water)
    - create custom cutscenes with mp3/wav voice acting (the voice acting part might be solved, it be similar to replacing character voice clips, except take soundbanks I'm not using such as peach cutscenes and make custom clips with no particular amount of them, custom cutscenes however, won't be solved until people actually get to hacking Kirby Super Star Ultra's video files which are .vx files and until people figure out how to get those into Super Mario 64 DS which would be a really useful thing)
    - remove the credits cutscene so that only the credits role
    - get my stage hacks that have the dang minimap changed to work on the R4i Gold Card, even then fix it so that the stages stop flickering and clipping for no reason on the R4i Gold Card (I got stages to not flicker, I think the minimaps just have to be 16 colors)
    - change the characters dang voice clips (soooolved, Larry sounds like Larry now in LarryDS so far)
    - becoming at least comparable to every other hacker (I still feel like a mediocre sack of trash)