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    Hacking I've tried everything to get Star Fox 64 on my Wii, but no luck. H

    This might help you. I had the same problem.
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    Hacking Wierd DVD-R problem

    Try playing around with the settings in neogamma to see if anything works for you. Ive heard that gecko OS works too. But you might try looking in the cioscorp 3.3 thread.
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    Hacking Wierd DVD-R problem

    Mario kart( and some other games ) has some problems with dvd-r discs on cioscorp 3.3 just use dvd+r bitset to dvd-rom or use a loader like neogamma
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    Hacking indiana jones help

    it might be a bad burn but you could try to patch it that might work
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    Hacking Metroid Prime 3 Corruption freezing

    i got bad burns for this game at all speeds 4x 8x 16x and disc types +r bitset -r but a new burn (or cleaning the disc) always fixed it up. i had a copy that would always freeze at this one particular door but a new copy fixed that.
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    Hacking what if the wii goes on downloading a content for long time?

    if its still downloading it should be safe to turn off. if your net connection is unstable you might want to download a wad for installation IOS38-64-v3610.wad and just move it to the root of your sd card
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    Hacking now repairing, DO NOT POWER OFF

    i dont know if it will work but have you tried a gc controller edit: or taking the battery out to reset the time and date
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    Hacking gamecube controller support with usb loader?

    ive heard that wavebirds need to be pluged in before you turn your wii on in order to work you might want to try that
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    Hacking Wiiware Error

    install ios 38 53 and 55
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    Hacking I can't run Madworld...

    could be a bad burn i once got 3 bad burns in a row
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    Hacking Gamecube backup problem

    yeah i got it and i sent you the files and instructions you can email me if you have any ?s when you wake up I'm probably going to be up for a little longer
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    Hacking Gamecube backup problem

    pm me your email and i will send you the files
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    Hacking Gamecube backup problem

    install first cios rev 9 then run this
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    Hacking Gamecube backup problem

    ok one did you install cios 249 (anything past rev 7 should work ) two have you tried gc backup loader 0.2
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