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    PS5 Hackable Models FW 4.03 and below

    Should I update to 4.51?
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    PS5 Hackable Models FW 4.03 and below

    How many fps?
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    Hacking TheFlow has discovered a major exploit called bd-jb for PS3, PS4, and PS5, can be used to load game backups burned to discs

    Welp Blue ray drives are either 25gb or 50gb(super expensive). What games will fit there?
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    Capcom has a showcase planned for June 13th

    Dino Crisis 2 HD Remaster pls
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    Atmosphere Switch CFW updated to version 1.3.0, adds OFW 14.0.0 support

    Whats the latest supported firmware on sxos?
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    PS5 Hackable Models FW 4.03 and below

    whats your model number?
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    What happens if you divide by zero?

    Infinity. Take a number divide by 1, 0.1, 0.001, 0.000000001, etc. The closer you get to zero the larger the number will get. As you the denominator approaches zero, the answer approaches infinity. More interesting question to ask is what happens if you divide zero by zero.
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    Hacking Question Is SXOS really illegal?

    Its like saying molesting children is more infuriating than rape. BOTH are wrong. Period.
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    Hacking Question Is SXOS really illegal?

    lmao people pirating games, music, movies getting butthurt at others pirating the code. What a bunch of hypocrites.
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    Horizon II: Forbidden West confirmed not to be a PS5 launch title, releases in 2021

    resale business will be huge, just like ps4, ps3 launch
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    Is a Switch emulator possible for PS5?

    What a dumb question. Better question to ask is how long it took ps4 to get something comparable running at decent performance.
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