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    Hacking RELEASE Sigpatches for Atmosphere (Hekate, fss0, fusee & package3)

    I have really problems to solve this :( I installed Atmosphere new, tried fusee and hekate patches.... nothing works Also the tinfoil installation doesnt work, there is an empty nsp icon and it appears the error 2155-8007 if i try to start tinfoil (see screenshot) Any ideas what i can do...
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    Hacking RELEASE Sigpatches for Atmosphere (Hekate, fss0, fusee & package3)

    Do the Sigpatches work with you with firmware 12.0.0 and atmo 19.1? Unfortunately it doesn't work for me, I can't start any games, installed with dbi 258.... after installation there is only an empty icon with a "wait" circle in the menu ...
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    Hacking Question Atmosphere error during factory reset

    Hi, I'm trying to reset my newly created emunand with FW12 to factory settings. However, I get an atmosphere bluescreen with the error code 2002-0001 (0x202) (see picture below) Anyone know what that could be? Tried with current atmosphere release
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    Hacking Question OFW 12.0.0 update. AMS 0.18.1lE

    No, emunand on 11.0.1 is still working. Only starting sysnand trough hekate doesn't work for me atm
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    Hacking Question OFW 12.0.0 update. AMS 0.18.1lE

    I just did it by mistake, thought it was a game update but updated sysnand to 12.0 with emunand 11.0.1 .... :toot: Now I can no longer start the sysnand through hekate, only normal boot without rcm works... (emunand on 11.0.1 still work) Now waiting for atmosphere update :bow:
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    SX OS License from scam?

    I bought there a few weeks ago without any problems. However, I do not remember exactly how long it took after I paid with Paypal Edit: It took 12 hours at working days
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    Hacking [FatFS] Error: NOFAT Failed to mount SD card (FATFS Error 13). Make sure that a FAT partition exists

    A few months ago I also had this error message and could use the SD card only with exfat. A few days ago I tried again with guiformat format the sd card fat32 and start with the latest hekate version and it worked. Maybe it helps someone here
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