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    Gaming Can multiple profiles use DLC from one nintendo account?

    Thanks for info. Do i need to do anything special for them to go online?
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    Gaming Can multiple profiles use DLC from one nintendo account?

    They have always used my account to play games before on Wii U and wii but now they are getting older and want their own accounts. Just want to make sure i got everything setup right to avoid any confusion.
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    Gaming Can multiple profiles use DLC from one nintendo account?

    I have had a nintendo account for awhile now. Everything in my name (username,eshop credit card info,ext....) Just got my two kids ages 12 and 10 a switch for Christmas. I have made both of them accounts on the console that they can use. Now my question is if i sign into the EShop with my...
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    Hacking Configurable USB Loader

    Looks like he has all the cfg files on his sd card and you have yours setup on the usb hard drive. The wad file your referring to is a forwarder channel i assume. Most forwarder channels with look for whatever files in both places sd/usb and load which ever ones it finds. So if it searches for...
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    Hacking Help with Configurable USB Loader

    On your sd card or your usb drive whichever you use there is a config.txt file in the following location SD:\usb-loader\config.txt USB:\usb-loader\config.txt Open that file up with notepad or wordpad ext.. and then add ntfs_write = 1 fat_split_size = 0 after that just save the file then...
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    Hacking where to download full set of cheats for wii and gc?

    Downloaded them this morning and then made a rar of the folder that modmii downloaded.!ZxFzHL6T!RvWlUEzqwp9LyRQFWS6DGVvG1nF8w5NRe2PIozr6Ws0 Enjoy
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    Homebrew WAD Manager Error Code -2011 It's a program for your computer that can download any files ext.. that you may need for wii hacking ext.. After you install it and once you run modmii and type in i agree you will want to go to downloads page 2 and...
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    Homebrew WAD Manager Error Code -2011

    Use modmii and get ios236 installer. Then run it on the wii through the HBC and it will install a patched ios36 that will let you install other wads.
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    Hacking The great freeze problem!?!

    could be bad rips of the games themselves.
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    Hacking Can a USB loader play games that needs system 4.2 on a 4.1 wii?

    yes they will work. You can update all the ios files on your wii which are used by games without having to update the system menu version.
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    Hacking Configurable USB Loader

    Looks to me that you might have a config file on the sd card and a config file on the usb drive and they are conflicting with each other.
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    Is NDS trustworthy?

    Ive ordered from them 3 separate times and never had any issues. Always paid with paypal and usually got the orders about 2-3 weeks after order was placed. They also replied to any emails i sent within a day at most.
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    Hacking Wii softmodded... can't detect USB drives

    Your syscheck looks fine. You have d2x v8 final which works just fine with usb loaders. Its the version i use and have since it came out. If i try any version above v8 it doesnt detect my drive for some reason. Might be the opposite for you though where your drives don't like v8. Try v9 or v10...
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    Hacking Configurable USB Loader not starting up as it normally would

    Check and see what cios you have installed in the 249 slot. Some drives work better with certain cios. My drive works perfect with d2x v8 final. If i try any version above v8 the drive is undetectable.
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    Hacking NAND Backup not moving

    After googling " bootmii short write to block" it seems the errors is caused by the sd card and bootmii not liking it. Try another card or reformat the current card and try again. You can google it for yourself and see responses people had.
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