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    Hacking RELEASE Sigpatches for Atmosphere (Hekate, fss0, fusee & package3)

    Hi there, I'm wonder how do you find those new sigpatches. I've been struggling to find this for days to use with the newest atm
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    ROM Hack RELEASE The Witcher 3 60 FPS and Dynamic Resolution Tweaks

    would overclocking this mich kill or throttle my switch. thanks auto Does OC my switch will make it hotter and throttle faster?
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    ROM Hack What Am I doing wrong here?

    Can you please give me the link, i'm pretty sure you just need to change build ID
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    ROM Hack What Am I doing wrong here?

    Look at the cheat across different versions, they are exactly the same line by line? So what kind of update do I need?
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    ROM Hack What Am I doing wrong here?

    I have Crash Team Racing installed in my Switch using SXOS, previously the cheat for version 1.0.8 work perfectly fine. After update to 1.0.9 I updated the Build ID and Title ID, cheat broke and doesn't work anymore.The path is sxos/titles/game title ID/cheats/newbuildID. What could go wrong...
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    ROM Hack RELEASE GRID: Autosport Quality 60 FPS mod

    So is this 1.4RC9 the official version? Anyone be able to shoot me a day one retail version officially download from eshop, screenshot
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