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    PS1/2 Emulator WIISXRX_2022 Another Fork of WiiSXRX released

    That's always impossible. An overclocked Virtual Wii is unable to access USB.
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    RA-RetroArch_Modified This solves the problem of the conflict on a Wii U between Wii U and Wii Retroarch both wanting to use the same sd:/retroarch/retroarch.cfg file. RA-RetroArch_Modified stores a separate cfg file per core.
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    Hardware Homebrew Classic Controller Pro Controller doesn't work on homebrew on certain controllers.

    Get one of the official Classic Controller Pros in either gold or red. They were limited editions. Most people who had them got them for the novelty value and didn't actually use them. I've got two gold ones which both arrived in mint condition.
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    Black screen usb loader gx

    If you have a PAL region device, 'Force NTSC''.
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    Homebrew WiiSX RX - A new fork.

    That also happens with Wii games. US version of Conduit has a scripting bug blocking progress half way through which isn't in the PAL version.
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    Virtual Wii Deflicker Filter

    Is there any way at all of turning off the Wii deflicker filter in a virtual Wii?
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    Wii Flow doesn't open

    If you're on a PAL region Wii U, running a virtual Wii, that might be your problem.
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    vitaQuake 2 on Wii U

    RetroArch 1.9.14 (Dec 2021) was the first properly stable release of RetroArch on Wii U in ages (and ages). The vitaQuake 2 core has undergone quite a bit of improvement and now includes cores for three add-ons. Pretty much, it's now working properly on Wii U. I had a full play through of...
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    How to convert Gamecube ISO's into subfolders
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    ScummVM 2.5.1 (Jan 2022) compatibility list for Wii?

    Is there a list of ScummVM games which actually work on the Wii build of 2.5.1? Many which are on the official ScummVM compatibility list don't work.
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    Homebrew WiiMC-SS - GameCube controller support and more

    Has anyone else had problems with downscaling video files to find the video runs too fast and is out of synch with the audio (which runs at the expected speed)? Is this something which happens with very large files? I encoded a 3.5 hour movie at 480p in an MKV container. The file is 1GB...
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    Homebrew WiiMC-SS - GameCube controller support and more

    I've been tinkering with -vf scale in ffmpeg and it works really well downscaling videos to make them work on WiiMC-SS. Despite running it overclocked in a virtual Wii on a Wii U, it's still not able to handle 720x576 for PAL DVD rips without dropping some frames. Everything 480p is fine...
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    Trivia: Rampage World Tour

    The only game released on all of PS1, PS2, PS3, Saturn, N64, GameCube and Wii was Rampage World Tour. On Wii, GameCube and PS2 it is included in Rampage: Total Destruction as a bonus which can be played immediately without playing the main game. It's the full game, as is.
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