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    Apple GEVEY Turbo SIM Unlock for iPhone

    Found this info from other sites, and think this might be helpful for some tempers, that's why I post here.
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    Hacking I got my Acekard 2i today....Now how do i use it :(

    Donwload and unzip the akaio1.8.6a to your microSD, if the title is Japanese, then it can be run on 3DS. If not, you need a DS/DSi/DSi XL to perform the update. Download and unzip This to your computer. Then copy the right .nds file to the microSD. "ak2ifw_update_3ds_v1_DSi.nds" for DSi and...
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    R4i Gold Hands-On Impression

    some china based sites have gotten this for sale .
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    Hacking Questions about an R4i clone

    I highly doubt it would work on 3ds , just grab a new one . Acekard 2i or supercard dstwo .
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    Hacking The Mega List of R4 Clones

    Good to see this topic , I'll choose or if I want any r4 brand card .
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    Hacking Thoughts On Getting A Acekard 2i

    I recommend realhotstuff and slickgate , used them several times , never a problem .
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    Hacking Acekard 2i Soft Reset with 3DS

    yep , it works fine on 1.8.1
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    Can't agree with you anymore . I won't cherish something that is easy to get , it sounds ridiculous but it's just a truth . Recently I think I am tired of all video games just because I pirated every games , I paid nothing and being picky to them.
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    Hacking ShopTemp's gone... So now what?

    Lightake meets your requirement . coupon code : savingscom
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    Hacking Good RTS flash card ?

    I found the RTS is pretty useful when I am playing DQV , you know there are many mini games that need extreme luck to get enough money to buy good weapons . It would take me days to finish it without the RTS . BTW , I am using DSTwo . Everything works like a charm.
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    Hacking Trouble with 1 DS Lite

    Obviously there are some issues with the DS Lite itself , how about cleaning the contacts ?
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    Hacking akaio 1.8.5 comes out!

    Thanks for the heads up .
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    Hacking Acekard 2i- Alex Rider Stormbreaker

    Indeed . Thanks for cleaning it up .
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    Hacking What is a bricked ak2i or flashcard?

    Thanks for cleaning it up .
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    Hacking What is a bricked ak2i or flashcard?

    What's bootstrap ? Do you mean the 1.4.1 update file ?
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