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    Gaming Does anyone know if the Asia version of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water on the Nintendo Switch has the removed contents?

    You got to get it for that 'plot' i see. If they matter that much to you, get the mod the PC version or if you have a hacked switch i am sure someone will make compatible versions eventually
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    PlayStation executive fired after pedophilia allegations

    Another 50years and only for *unix currently by time it's playable. I think another emulator will beat this one soon tho. Ontopic: I think he got the motto of the Playstation brand twisted and thought Play has No Limits as if they are above the law.
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    Hacking Can’t get a refund after accident

    Yes i too do not get that, seems most people just skipped that bit of information. Seems like you might of wanted to do something shifty to begin with or did you get "robbed" on the way? I can speculate till blue in the face but funny how twice you have mentioned this but only vaguely to not...
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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Switch OLED and retro handheld giveaway raffle - comment here to enter!

    Good luck to all, especially in this pandemic to keep our minds away from worry with a bit of happiness by winning something :blush:
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    Cyberpunk 2077's 1.2 patch delayed due to the cyber attack on CD Projekt Red

    Maybe they did the "cyber attack" themselves to basically say 'here is the source code, fix it yourself'
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    The once PlayStation exclusive Days Gone heads to PC

    Thats ok, mods will fix that.....again.
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    Reverse-engineered code for 'Grand Theft Auto III' and 'Vice City' get a DMCA takedown notice

    I guess you can say this project got a B-)...DMA takedown
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    Nintendo acquires Next Level Games

    But they just got to the Next-Level, give them some time to get to Level-5 :rofl2:
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    Monster Hunter digital event set for January 7, promises big news

    Wow if that's what you think people is "very mad" then you must have the biggest misunderstanding of people in general. I was stating that since the engine is compatible with the switch and can run on it then why make a cloud version when they could of made a digital/cartridge version of it...
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    Monster Hunter digital event set for January 7, promises big news

    It's made on the REengine...then why didn't they make Resident Evil 7 proper then releasing that cloud version that they did for the Japanese market? Makes no sense some decisions.:wtf:
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    A semi-playable third-person mod for Cyberpunk 2077 has been released

    A few glitches with this mod you say? So the same as the base game then, sweet :evil:
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    Nintendo acquires Next Level Games

    Now they can start making Metroid Prime 4 :evil:
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    What's your favourite gaming-related Christmas memory?

    My best memories of Christmas is knowing it's almost over permanently......till i notice i still have an extra life
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    Comment by 'Fusion' in 'Today will be my last day as Chief Editor at :('

    Wow, all those names bring back old memories as i remember those days as i am one of those old members still on/off here, there is no news like GBATemp news, i thank all of you for your work over the years, also to T-hug for being a brother that will be missed seeing around here. Enjoy your new...
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