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    Tutorial 3DS Screen Recording without a Capture Card (NTR CFW Method)

    Thanks for the guide! Works better than i expected. The picture quality is good but the framerate never goes higher than 38-40. My router is fairly old though. Do you guys think i would get a better framerate with newer router (something like in recommended specs in the OP)?
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    Homebrew [Release] FBI - Open source CIA installer

    Can't install .cia DLCs with FBI. The installing process goes with no errors, but when I get into the games the DLCs are not there. I tried this with multiple games. Both games and DLCs are of the same region. No luck.
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    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] More-or-less Catch-All Tutorial

    On N3DS, downgraded to 9.2, installed Homebrew, CTRBootManager and Menuhax according to the guide I have a problem with EmuNAND9, while choosing "Complete EmuNAND Setup" it says And if i try to continue it says Cant figure out whats wrong, my SD card is FAT32 and has alot of free space.
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    Hacking Update 10.4 and Homebrew: What you need to know

    Will old Sky3DS (blue button) work with 10.4?
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