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    PS1/2 How can i undo FreeDvdBoot ESR patch on .iso?

    Using an ESR patcher permanently changes data at (I believe) 2-3 different locations on the disc - one of which is to change the disc type information to make it report as a DVD Video instead of software on a DVD disc. It is even more drastic of a change if the original disc was a CD not a DVD...
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    Which are OPL's supported devices, after all?

    depends on which build/fork you use
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    How to use OPL via UDPBD ?

    I didn't say NBD WAS UDPBD, I said it was the current realization of the idea behind UDPBD. If you really want to go down the rabbit hole of outdated/unsupported stuff - here you go: Read comments here: Only OPL branch that supported...
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    GCN Tell me your opinion...

    Agreed - and YES, you can burn swiss to a disc, which is the only way I am aware of to access it with a XenoGC chip (I used to have one before md Disc Drive died - which motivated my choice to move to GC Loader with Swiss on the MemCard->SD adapter.
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    GCN Tell me your opinion...

    NICE! I used to have a viper case on my original GC back in the day. Personally, I have color cycling LEDs on the controller ports and the power LED, SD2SP2, GCLoader w/ LaserBear SD mount & the GCHD MK-II (if that counts as a mod?). Also The GB Player can be had for cheap if you don't need the...
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    Oldest game you enjoy?

    Kaboom does work in all the emulators fine in general. I am just so in sync with playing this game over the years that joystick, mouse or trackball input is just "too wrong" for me to fall in to a rhythm. Standalone Stella will work with arcade spinners which is the closest feel to playing on an...
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    Oldest game you enjoy?

    I am indeed. I have cleaned them a number of times over the years. I also own 3 pairs of them so once a pair starts to act up I set it aside until it gets properly maintenanced and just move on to another pair. I actually just played two evenings ago with my wife and kids again. Love this game...
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    Oldest game you enjoy?

    Kaboom! - Atari 2600 - Released 1981 Still play this game regularly with my kids on my original Atari 7800 (have my original Atari VCS as well in storage) Have never found a decent way to emulate this game with proper controls... Arcade spinners don't feel right and trackballs are too...
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    Freemcboot Memory Card problem (MC4SIO)

    from my understanding MX4SIO is the official standard (which supports game saving to the same card in recent OPL versions. MC4SIO, MC2SIO, and so on are all cheap clones and can potentially not fully support the full feature set of MX4SIO (tho I think that's not likely the case). My best guess...
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    How to use OPL via UDPBD ?

    If I understand correctly, the current form of what was called UDPBD (UDP Block Device) has been realized in OPL as the more standard NBD (Network Block Device) which is a linux compatible network protocol. As for how to use it, you would want to go here...
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    EverSD releases EverPatcherVS 2.0 and EverLoader 2.1.4 with support for Evercade firmware 2.1.1

    I live the included custom purple theme and can't wait to be able to set my lightbar to purple as well on my VS L.E. Black & Purple looks sooooo sexy.
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    EverPatcherVS with EVERCADE™ VS Firmware 2.1.1 using EverSD

    Upgrade time!!! Thanks so much for this!
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    EverLoader 2.1.4 released for EverSD

    And EverPatcherVS 2.0 works with the VS fw 2.1.1, woohoo!!!!!
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    [Beta Release] Open PS2 Loader with ZSO support (compressed ISOs)

    Nice. My setup is almost identical. I just used a GL.iNet Mango mini router instead so I didn't need custom FW on it and it was only ~$22 US.
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