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    Nintendo Partner Showcase roundup - Portal collection available today, Live a Live demo

    Yeah it's something like that. You'll notice that there is no Nintendo made games in the direct.
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    Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection launches in two volumes on Nintendo Switch next year

    Hopefully there will be an asian physical release.
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    Nintendo Partner Showcase roundup - Portal collection available today, Live a Live demo

    It's a partner's showcase direct so it's understandable. Maybe we'll get a real Nintendo Direct this July.
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    A Nintendo Direct Mini is happening tomorrow

    Not really, the DS Lite is an overall upgrade to the DS Phat. The Switch Lite on the other hand is a major downgrade.
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    AYANEO launches crowdfunding campaign for its OLED Windows handheld, the AYANEO AIR

    I'll wait for the Mendocino versions.
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    Rune Factory 5 will get a PC port next month

    This is what happens if the original developers of this game goes bankrupt.
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    Bethesda debuts 15 minutes of Starfield gameplay

    Hmm, so it's No Man Sky without the procedurally generated content.
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    SEGA reveals the Mega Drive Mini 2, will feature SEGA CD games

    I'm perfectly happy with my hacked PS Classic, I also got it very cheap.
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    Resident Evil 4 Remake finally confirmed

    Capcom's Skyrim.
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    AYN teases handheld gaming PC AYN Loki, "the most affordable Windows handheld"

    Windows is actually free on small screens.
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    GBAtemp Exclusive NYXI Nintendo Switch Accessories Impressions

    How's the feel? Is it the same with Split Pad Pro. I'd like to own a wireless Split Pad Pro so I can play on the flip grip comfortably.
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    PS1 classic Syphon Filter will have trophy support on new PS Plus

    I love this game, especially the 3rd game.
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    The PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show will be taking place next month

    Prepare for a barrage of FPS and Roguelikes 16-bit games.
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    FE Conquest Cartridge won't boot up

    I have recently acquired a cartridge of FE Conquest. I inserted it into my 3DS and to my surprise, it didn't boot. It got an ARM 11 error. Tried disabling every option in LUMA but still same issue, instead of the ARM 11 issue, it was just stuck in the 3DS logo. I have a CIA for FE Fates special...
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