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    Like Fanmade Remake Crystalis?

    Amazing game. I vote for a remake.
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    Hacking I am dumb and i locked my region locked my whole wii u

    I belive you can flash the entire nand backup. Or Another brick in the wall.
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    Hacking PS3 and Wii U Running on PS4?

    You need respect what can and cannot be done. Let it go.
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    Homebrew theres something strange with my wii u’s vwii

    I had install 236 for de vwii and I think it was result into a lag from any controllers not wiimote under retroarch or emulators.
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    Hacking RegionHax - How to get RegionFree on WiiU

    Well. I have only a question and is hard to find a answer. I have a sysnand working fine with regionhax. But I want to update. I can only connect my wiiu to the internet and update or need really undo the regionhax?
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    Hardware PS Vita's charging without a battery.

    Unlimited POWER!!!/ :v
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    Hacking USBLoader GX stuck on initializing usb drive

    Look for usbloadergx fowarder channel wad for your wii or vwii if is a wiiU and install it with a wad installer.
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    Hacking USBLoader GX stuck on initializing usb drive

    Install foward channel and unplug classic controller or nunchaku. Open with fowarder. Change values of ios to 250 if i record well and hdd detection for all.
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    Hardware Verify Wii U Pro Controller is Real

    What nintendo have against 8 axis?
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    Hardware 256gb Sd not recognized, $25 paypal to whoever can help

    Maybe it's only not compatible with your card. Maybe because its a copy or have some failure. If it work ok in others systems use it and buy another for your switch from another seller.
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    Hacking Microsoft Windows Games ON PS4 (WineHQ implementation on OrbisOS ) DEAD SPACE - CUPHEAD

    Can we run mugen? With sound? It is already avaliable? Tutorial please? I cant wait to play some kof mugen on my ps4. Remember me the xbox classic running mugen under a micro linux edition gentox. So many amazing possibilities here. We could run Silent hill 1,2 and 3 with graphics mods and...
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    Homebrew Can you play online with a homebrewed/CFW WII U?

    Well taking the boat. Can I update to the last wiu firmeware without lose the wup brasilian method? I dont use cfw. Only games with this method. I neet network to updade my vwii but i dont want to lose my installed games and want to install new ones. Also i did the multregion change in my sysnand.
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    Homebrew retroarch genesis plus gx wii u

    Im going to make all emulators vwii. Because if wiiflow. If there 's a way to call the wii u retroarch outside the vwii letme know. Maybe a install retroarch wiiu side to try the saturn castlevânia.
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