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    Hardware Can a PC read Wii disks?

    I used to burn wii games on dvds quite often, IMGBurn is the software to go. You have to burn them with the slowest burn speed, though. Normally it takes a little while.
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    My GB to GBC hack wishlist and my thoughts on existing ones

    This is truly amazing, it's awesome how colorizing the game breathes new life into it. It even feels like a legit NES game.
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    Tutorial How to play NDS Games in HD Widescreen (16:9, 21:9, 32:9)!

    Metroid Prime Hunters (PAL) 52111ADC E5991664 02111ADC E3A01090 D2000000 00000000 5211D114 E59A1664 0211D114 E3A01090 D2000000 00000000 92111300 00001555 12111300 00001C72 Can somebody convert it to USA region? Pretty please :(
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    Tutorial Homebrew Emulation How to use Single ROM Loaders for make your own Wii VC channels of your favorite retro games :D - Wii

    This is awesome. Never thought somebody would share this knowledge. Thanks a lot!
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    Tutorial Virtual Console - Adobe Flash SWF - Wii VC Injection Tutorial

    Any chance of making a WAD of the Doom and Doom II RPGs?
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Paper Mario: The Origami King 60 FPS mod

    Does it work with Yuzu emulator?
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    Homebrew Theoretically, could a Wii U GBC emulator use the GamePad's camera as the Game Boy Camera?

    They already did this on the 3DS, so it's most likely doable on the Wii U The thing is, is there anybody interested in doing so? probably not.
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    Nintendo Switch Online NES/SNES games for May 2020 revealed

    I'm not pessimistic but I really doubt nintendo will ever add more relevant titles to the online service...
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    ROM Hack Research: SNES virtual console save files

    Did you actually completed this tool? I'd like to know because I have a ton of srm save files I'dl like to restore on my VC games.
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    Hacking [RELEASE] UWUVCI + Injectiine

    Tried injecting a 6mb smw rom hack into DKC and did not work, the game remains the same (DKC) is there an issue with the filesize?
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    ROM Hack [WIP] Final Fantasy (eShop) Translation.

    I'd do that just to play through my Mother 3 cartridge (which is in japanese) but I think i would forget everything quickly. Also not the kind of guy that would download the game's script just to know what characters are saying
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    Why is not there a Zeebo Emulator for PC?

    Why? there's no point in making an emulator for a console like the zeebo, let alone a pirate one. All the games released in the zeebo are available in other consoles, so why bother?
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    Hardware PSP shuts off by itself while playing

    I'm gonna try later, does the app still exist? (PSP is pretty old now)
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    Hahaha that's awesome. It crack me up every time I see it

    Hahaha that's awesome. It crack me up every time I see it
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    Homebrew look what happens when i use teconmoons VC injector

    Pardon my ignorance but, is that game for gbc or gcn?
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