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    Sonic Origins 1.04 (Switch's 1.4.0) update released, addresses almost 50 bugs.

    Simples, Corporate Greed. Essentially the big wigs decided to chop up the game in order to sell DLC then went in and caused a load of bugs not present in the game when the devs delivered it.
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    Elon Musk: Conman or God?

    Its actually a reference....
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    Homebrew [RELEASE] Tiramisu Environment | Free CBHC

    WOW!!! That sounds super impressive and it sounds like a wasn't far off in my guess, you're essentially replacing the kernel (or at least on the fly patching it) to allow homebrew to run natively and in ring 0. Any timescale on a release?
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    Homebrew [RELEASE] Tiramisu Environment | Free CBHC

    I was a little reluctant to move my perfectly working Haxchi system over however after doing it I can assure anyone with reservations to go ahead. The transition took minutes (I already have a NAND backup) and Tiramisu is seamless, you boot the system and its ready to go. I didn't even lose any...
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    Hacking Wii U Bricked by System Config Tools

    I'm not 100% sure you fully understand what DNS is or does. DNS is a service used by online devices to lookup IP addresses from domain names. When you type into your browser the first thing it does is ask your ISPs DNS server to convert the domain into an IP and provide a route. It...
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    Homebrew The Wii U Homebrew Request Thread

    4th a media player, I'm honesty surprised Kodi doesn't already run on WiiU, its on almost everything else.
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    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition trailer

    Sees trailer: Interesting Sees £55 asking price: Rolling on the floor laughing
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    Take-Two takes legal action against reverse engineered re3 & reVC projects

    Fair enough then, I was under the impression it was done cleanly. Just watched MVGs video and its pretty obvious they did it the dirty way. The copyright claim is cut and shut, TT will win.
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    Take-Two takes legal action against reverse engineered re3 & reVC projects

    PSA: This lawsuit was always inevitable, R* issued a DMCA which is a legal proceeding, the coders filed counter claims, R* only then had 2 options... 1) Admit they were wrong in filing the suit and open themselves up to potential legal action for doing so 2) Make the matter official and sue in...
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    Elon Musk: Conman or God?

    So I know confirmation bias exists but man am I happy now, I was beginning the think the entire world has gone to shit and the smart people were now the minority, thanks for showing other sane people do still exist. The only thing worse than him are his legions of fans will to fall onto swords...
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    Elon Musk: Conman or God?

    This is an interesting question and I know which side of the fence I sit on but I'm interested to hear other peoples opinions on the topic. I'll keep my opinion to myself for a few days in an effort to try and not influence the results. Thanks
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    The correct answer is both and fuck with system :)
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    Comment by 'Dungeonseeker' in 'upgraded from arch to debian'

    The best distro is the one that best fits your needs, distro wars is every bit as pointless as PCMR or console wars. People in here talking about out of date packages on Debian like its a bad thing when it just isn't. Running on the bleeding edge is fine if that's your thing but running a bit...
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    Firmware PlayStation 3 firmware updated to version 4.88

    You preaching to the choir my friend, unfortunately though, the greedy mega corps disagree.
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