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    Advantages of Wii over Wii U

    Wii and GC games looks worse on Wii U
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    Hardware NKITISO's won't convert to ISO.

    @E6903 You need to download the nkit program with the partitions included otherwise the process will continue to fail because it is trying to rebuild the ISO with the missing partitions and if it does not find them it gives that error.
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    Hacking Others What is required to create homebrew for the Wii?

    Howdy guys, I don't know if this post can be here, if not you can delete it. Since some time ago I've been wondering what previous knowledge and skills a person requires to make homebrew for the Wii, I know that they must learn the language with which the Wii is programmed but my question is...
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    Earth seeker working on usb loader gx?

    I have it and I haven't had any problems with bugs or anything similar, I haven't finished it but the times I've played it it runs fine.
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    Homebrew Games where loading and running fine but now I get an error

    Maybe I am wrong but I understood that the Wii has a checking system and if it detects an error with the disk drive even the homebrew does not work.
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    Hacking Wii Error code 109234

    @Fretfu_lTurtl Was the NAND you restored the original one from the console or a new one?
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    emulate a wii nand step by step

    You mean using neek2o with emunand? If so your USB or HDD may not be compatible I have tried for years to use it on my WD HDD and it has never worked. On SD I managed to get it to work but not on my HDD, someone here told me that you need a special file but it is very difficult to find it on...
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    Gaming Hardware Wireless controller for Nintendo Wii?

    There is no wireless controller that does not require the dongle and even less that serves for Wii games, you only have two options get the original classic or classic pro for the Wii or use Dolphin and use your Wii U controller. For years people have been asking for that but I haven't seen any...
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    Wiimmfi “finding opponents” issue

    USB loader GX has the updated online patch
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    Retroarch on Wii?

    @JuanMena In the most recent official version it did not come, I already had that core saved from some old version of retroarch.
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    Retroarch on Wii?

    @SIX10 In fact if it is a common problem, what you have to do is to enter the folder where the cores are, delete the one that says "boot.dol" and copy any other core (I did it with the snes9x one) and rename it as boot.dol. With this, the program should work fine.
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    Hardware Wii component cable 480i vs. 480p?

    @appleburger Well the thing is that the OSSC has very few options for 480i and 480p resolution, at best it goes up to 960p which makes the pixels look very sharp and many may not like that look. It's not that the upscaler doesn't work for them but that the results are not what they expected or...
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    Retroarch on Wii?

    @SaulFabre Not yet, from the posts I have read on this page, the next core is the one with the best performance, the 2005 is used for some games where certain graphic effects don't look good on other cores, and the 2010 is used for some romhacks and translations that don't work on other cores as...
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    480i list

    In Game load option on USB loader GX put "Video mode" on Force NTSC 480p and in Dol video patch put All, save changes and test the game.
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    [USB loader GX] I can´t run the Gamecube roms direct from HD, why?

    Wii backup manager has the option to format to fat32, there is no limit, I have two 1Tb HDD in fat32 without partitions and they work fine for everything.
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