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    Wii #2660 - Madden NFL 12 (USA)

    ^^ Great review. I also like the cartoon feel for the Wii version, and have the PS3 version for a more real 3d game. The Wii version will never look as good as ps3 or X-box, so I think it was a good direction to go. Plus the Madden 11 music sucked ass, so 12 couldn't get here quick enough for me.
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    Hardware Uhm. . . New PS3 Update?

    Yep, California is back up. Killzone 3 anyone?
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    Wii #2572 - Conduit 2 (USA)

    Better get in some online quick before the dumb ass cheaters ruin it like the first one.
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    Wii #2569 - Conduit 2 (Europe)

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    Wii #2499 - You Don't Know Jack (USA)

    Bummer. I thought this was the game to the movie "You Don't Know Jack" about Jack Kevorkian. Was looking forward to euthanizing sick people.
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    Wii #2494 - Dino Strike (USA)

    Yes!! Another zoo title. Who needs Black Ops when we have Dino Strike?
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    Homebrew Virtual Boy emulator for Wii?

    I never even new the Virtual Boy existed till i saw it on Pawn Stars today. Crazy shit. A Wii emulator would rule. The wario game looks cool.
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    Wii #2346 - Monster Jam: Path of Destruction (USA)

    Urban Assault was pretty fun. Testing this one now.
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    Hacking black ops wi-fi prob

    Try creating a new profile. I had the same problem connecting to multiplayer. Went through all the different cIOS that were said to be working, and it still hung up on please wait. Then I created a new profile and it started right up. Worth a try.
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    Wii #2328 - Call of Duty: Black Ops (USA)

    Anybody who is having trouble getting on wifi multi player, try creating a new profile. I had all the working cIOS and still was having trouble untill I created a new profile.
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    Wii #2262 - Super Mario Collection (Japan)

    The game box has a different cover. Thats the box for the whole package(game, booklet and cd). Theres also a Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary red Wii coming out bundled with New Super Mario Bros Wii and a red Wiimote with Wii motion plus.Red Wii
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    Hey! Guess what?

    Chicken Butt!
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    Comment by 'DozerGuy' in 'Hey! Guess what?'

    Chicken Butt! :rofl2:
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    "Tales of the cutest girl ive ever met" Part IV

    Good luck man, she's cute. My advice to you would be dont be too nice. That doesnt mean be a dick, just dont be too nice. Guys that are too sensitive bore girls after a while. Even strong independent girls like to feel protected every once in a while. Do some push ups, ride a mountain bike, join...
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