Newbie, Male, 22, from Portland, Oregon

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Apr 9, 2016
Mar 27, 2016
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    Dec 23, 1995 (Age: 22)
    Home Page:
    Portland, Oregon
    United States

    Welcome to my profile, you seem to be interested by who I might be. For starters my name is, Dove. I am fifteen years old, and I have been on GBAtemp since March 2016.
    I don't know what could possibly be so interesting about me, but here is just some regular facts, and the basics of silly ol' me.
    I honestly don't even really identify by any specific gender, however (androgyne fits me best I suppose) I go by he/they pronouns so please respect that :^)
    I am also demisexual, its pretty fun I guess I fall under the ace spectrum which makes sense, I am also panromantic, let me file it down to stupid for you,
    I am romantically attracted to anyone of any race, gender, sexuality, nationality etc. On the other hand I am only sexually attracted to anyone in my preference who I have a strong close bond with.
    I hope that helps you!
    I am fifteen as of December 23rd because that is my birthday.
    I really like sushi, kittens, make out sessions, and Japanese cultured things, I find it to be highly fascinating and beautiful.
    Speaking of authenticity, I am Ukrainian and Russian. I am the first generation to be born here in America, a lot of my relatives live in Ukraine so I don't really have a lot of family members I am close with, I am kind of a black sheep when it comes to family.
    • I'm interested in a lot of things, for instance I really enjoy writing, I tend to write a lot of poetry, short stories, and I enjoy writing songs.
    • I also draw/paint. I typically just use graphite and won't colour things in- unless it's digital, I also paint using water colours.
    • Photography is something I really love and I'll just take pictures of absolutely anything, usually landscapes, breathe taking skies, and often weddings.
    • I am an actor, not an actor on television, but I am actively in plays.
    • Musically I sing tenor/alto, I play alto saxophone, violin, ukulele, and guitar.
    I do a lot of things, including sitting on my ass reading a damn good book while I drink my chai latte and knit a scarf.
    • Trypophobia
    • Claustrophobia
    • Automatonophobia
    • Aquaphobia
    Here Is A Few Photos Of Me
    I have no idea why the pictures are side ways, but enjoy I guess.
    p/s those photos of me were taken on March 21st, 2016
    I mean you have made it this far in my biography you must want some of my contact information
    Kik: dovechire (inactive at the moment)
    Instagram: dovechire
    Tumblr: dovechire
    Twitter: dovechire
    Gaia Online: dovechire
    Facebook: Please Ask
    Email: Please Ask
    ✿ If you can not find me under, "dovechire" for any reason try, dovechan, dovekun, or motherram something should eventually work ✿