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    Homebrew RELEASE Chiaki (PS5 & PS4 remote play) homebrew

    I'm currently not connecting my PS5 to the internet because of a potential impending hack. Does anyone know if this would work locally thru intranet or does the PS5 have to be able to reach Sony's servers?
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    Hacking Hack SXOS

    Before I look into doing all of this, could someone tell me if my end goal is possible? I have an SX Loader (RCM loader) that I had for an old V1 Switch that died. I replaced that Switch awhile ago but bought an RCMLoader cuz I didn't want to deal with SX OS and getting a new license. Would it...
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Heya, so I currently have two Switches and I want to move my SD card from one to the other. Here's the set up and situation: Switch 1: Latest firmware with Atmo (non-emunand) 512gb SD card My SD card reader just broke (unfortunately) and thus I'm moving over to my other Switch. (The mobo's...
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    Tutorial [Tutorial] Export Pokémon Let's Go Trainer models and Rig them with Mixamo

    This is quality stuff! Thanks for taking the time to write out a well-thought out tutorial on a pretty advanced topic. I hope I can follow it, export the models to obj, and use them in 3d printing :)
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    Hacking RELEASE You know guys deja Vu is out?

    Eh? Of course this isn't useful for patched Switches and 4.1+... I'm failing to see why that makes it "not useful to anyone?" It's like you responded to my comment with an answer to your own question.
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    Hacking RELEASE You know guys deja Vu is out?

    So let me try to wrap my head around this. This is only useful atm for users on 3.0 and below. (Fortunately, my second Switch is on 3.0!). To make this useful, though, people should also use SX OS because of emunand, right? That way you can stay on the early version with sysnand and then...
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    Hacking SX OS 2.6.1 Beta released: fix for HDD not recognized and SXOS online license activation

    Any word on if the N64 boost due to Hekate/Atmo has been added to SX OS?
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    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch It shipped to me within a week or so. As it stands, it's kinda useless cuz I don't care about the games it supports but once DS emulation comes together it will be extremely useful!
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    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    So I started testing some games and while none of them are full speed they're definitely coming along! Can't wait for the hardware renderer and future updates! Thanks OP and StapleButter! PS: The FlipGrip is so fucking cool with this!
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    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    Does anyone know if any games run full speed yet? I know there isn't a hardware renderer yet and I'm not "when eta"ing; I just got a Flip Grip and want to have some DS fun :)
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    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    In the least fanboy way possible... StapleButter you are a living God
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    Hacking Discussion is deja vu dead (on new units)?

    No idea. I have no idea if only one exploit from Deja Vu was leaked, whether or not the exploit that was leaked is usable without other hacks to boot it, etc. The exploit was disclosed very recently so I'm sure we'll hear more over the next few days.
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    Hacking Discussion is deja vu dead (on new units)?

    Deja Vu isn't a singular exploit; it's a chain of exploits. Nintendo patched one exploit in 4.1 but the rest remained unpatched. Nintendo will now patch the other exploits and thus Deja Vu won't be useful at all for the new hardware revision.
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    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    To add a little more info here, the bounty is for an N64 MIPS to AArch64 dynarec. This won't help because the DS uses two ARM processors (ARM7 and ARM9 to be specific).
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