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    Hacking Wii U not recognizing Hard Drive

    [Nevermind] lol
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    Hacking Games on USB Loader GX problems...

    Wow so weird! Both games are now working! lol The EmuNAND save was set to FULL in the Loader's settings, but in the game's setting I just turned that off and then set the Game IOS back to 249 and they both boot fine now!! lol Thanx for the help!
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    Hacking Games on USB Loader GX problems...

    I'm trying to play both A Boy and his Blob and Phantom Brave We Meet Again and I'm always getting the same exact error every time: An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button, remove the Game Disc, and turn off the power to the console. Please read the Wii Operations Manual for further...
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    Hacking DIOS MIOS (Lite)

    So what program do I need to format the drive?? Do I just format to FAT/32 and add the NGC ISOs and plug it into the Wii?? Also where can I find a Compatability List of NGC games that work?? lol EDIT: Do I also have to have a cMIOS for this to work?? lol
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    Hacking WII U question

    Well at least there might b an actuall working NDS/3DS emulator on it!! lol
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    Hacking Can't load GC iso's? Help please.

    Back in 2009 (I think) Nintendo realsed the "newer" Wiis with D3-2 drives (Most likely what ur Wii is) that disables backup loading through the disk drive! U would need the 2006-2008?? Wiis in order 2 do that! lol I know u can still hack the D3-2 Wiis 4 USB Loading, but that doesn't work 4...
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    Hacking Best HDD for Wii Backups

    I suppose it would all depend on how many games ur gonna put on the HDD and how much u wanna spend on it, I mean I use a WD 250GB My Book (Old Model) and have about 24 games on it that only cost $109.00!! lol
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    Hacking Help! I cant install Darkcorp keep getting IOS Missing!(Letter

    U probly installed USB Loader on the wrong IOS!! lol
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    Hacking MW3 requires system update (somewhat modded wii) safe or not?

    No prob dude!! lol Another crisis adverted! lol
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    Hacking MW3 requires system update (somewhat modded wii) safe or not?

    O ok!! It shouldn't cause I've updated my Wii when it was hacked numerous times and it hasn't bricked!! All the Update does is remove any/all hacks done 2 the Wii and that's it so u should b fine if u do update!! lol
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    Hacking MW3 requires system update (somewhat modded wii) safe or not?

    No it is possible 2 update through the Disc Menu, but if u do that then all ur hacks will b wiped out and u'll have 2 rehack everything again!! lol Priiloader just stops the Updates from poping up that have been embeded it2 the game disc!!
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    Hacking MW3 requires system update (somewhat modded wii) safe or not?

    NO! DO NOT UPDATE EVER!! Just install Priiloader or StartPatch and enable the "Disable Disc Updates" hack as well as any other Update hacks as well!! lol
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    Hacking Which DVD-R brands are good to use for backup games on softmod/hardmod

    I've used Sony (Mostly 4 Gamecube games) as well as Memorex DVD+/-Rs!! lol They're both pretty good!! lol
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    Hacking cIOSX rev21d2x: Yet Another Hot Fix!!!!

    Does this fix the prob when loading VC/WiiWare titles off the SD directly?
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    Hacking When I play Zelda it updates my wii and I have to install cios again

    Would this game need the Alt DOL method like Wii Sports Resort does?
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