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    Gaming If the switch pro was announced and released later this year, would tou buy It?

    There is a Lot of rumors about a switch pro release, would you buy It If release later this year?
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    Hacking Hack SXOS

    why there is no new games tab? Jits isnt working but at least the tab appears with atmospherer.
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Xenoblade: Definitive Edition config files

    Xenoblade chronicles will have a day one update 1.1.1 hope it fix these problems.
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    Hacking Sx core limited to 9.2.0

    Is this real?
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Is it possible to bypass the need for a Nintendo Account to play offline NES and SNES switch online App ? Edit: used Kefir method.
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    Homebrew Question RESTORE PRODINFO

    Why my prodinfo in named prodinfo_sysnand.bin? I tried to restore it but the serial remains the same XAW00000000
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    Hacking Question Switch isnt booting up after choidujournx + switch discharged (unofficial ReiNX 2.5.1)

    After update to 10.0.0 with choidujournx the sysnand boot normally but the neutos don't pass the green screen logo.
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    Gaming PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds coming to PS4

    Nearly a decade after its initial release on Xbox One and PC, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is finally coming to Nintendo Switch pro
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    Hacking youtub app for block users?

    The pre release nsp YouTube doesn't work in dock mode but the final patched nsp works
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    Hacking youtub app for block users?

    But doesn't work while in docked mode.
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    Hacking TX Presents 'Happy SX Halloween' v2.2.1 Update

    How about run nsp through USB?
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    Gaming New system update 6.1.0 arrived

    More system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience and an issue where certain games don’t recognize a Nintendo Switch Online membership for a short time after purchase
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