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    Hardware Switch Pro Controller Test points?

    Haha thank you ^^'
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    Hardware Switch Pro Controller Test points?

    @GarnetSunset :P
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    Hardware Switch Pro Controller Test points?

    Hey! Did you get any further? Do you know if there are any -ve, +ve and cc pins for the usb-c port? I want to do a wireless charging mod for the controller
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    Give-away Tempmas 2021 Raffle Giveaway - entry thread (CLOSED)

    here i am ready to get some gifts 👀
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    Hacking Assigne HBMenu to other applet than gallery

    Thank you very much :)
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    Hacking Assigne HBMenu to other applet than gallery

    Hi guys, can someone please explain me how to assigne the hbmenu to the "Nintendo Switch Online" applet. I'd like to change the name and icon of the applet in the same move. Is this possible at all? Thanks in advance :)
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    Homebrew Discussion Citra 3ds retroarch core running twilight menu?

    Try the MelonDS core in Retroarch. It is very smooth. Just tweak around with the over clocking setting
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    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    Mic issue solved (Mac OS) Ok I think I now know what the issue was... I reinstalled melonDS but this time I used my Windows computer and not my macbook. It really is a riddle to me why mac seems to have problems when it comes to stuff like this
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    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    I tried the build in your signature and now it gives me the message that it "couldn't load mic sample"... hmm I double checked if the sample is in the right directory. To give some further infos on my switch setup: I am using atmosphere CFW with hekate as bootloader. To launch MelonDS I use...
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    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    Sad to hear that you don't want to continue :( Maybe a break will give you new motivation. Also a re-release post could give other people new interest in this project, since @catlover007 build doesn't have its own thread. Anyway, I once again have a problem. I am stuck in Zelda Phantom...
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    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    Hey guys I have a weird issue with melonds. I am not able to go past the title screen of Zelda spirit tracks. After the title screen it tries to create a save file for a second and after this the game gives me the message " Data could not be written. Turn the power off, then reinsert the Game...
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    ROM Hack RELEASE [Release/Tutorial] Switch theme injector : Easily make custom themes

    It always crashes on my switch when I select the folder with the theme in it :/ I am on the latest firmware (9.1.0)(emuNAND), unsing athmosphere 0.10.2 with hekate as my boot loader. Can someone please help me out? I tried a few themes so I don't think that the theme caused the problem. My...
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    Tutorial Internal modchip - SAMD21 (Trinket M0, Gemma M0, ItsyBitsy M0 Express) Guide, Files & Support

    When I was in OFW I accidentally pressed the reset button on my installed trinket m0. This caused my switch to freeze. Shortly after this I was banned. I believe I got banned because of this. How can I avoid this happening again on another switch? Thanks in advance
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Can someone please tell me how I remove my former "main user" from my sysNAND in emuMMC? Thanks in advance
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    Homebrew Question nintendo switch demo mode

    so your switch is in kiosk mode again?
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