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    [Release] Fakemote: An IOS module that fakes Wiimotes from the input of USB game controllers

    Wait so I can play retail Wii games with a PS4 controller now? :O
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    Hacking Nintendont Themes and Custom Mods

    thank u! :yaywii:
  3. Darkworld92

    Hacking Nintendont Themes and Custom Mods

    how do I download the meta.xml file?
  4. Darkworld92

    Hacking Nintendont

    guys is there a way to make the Classic Controller Pro as player 1 and the USB controller (PS4) as player 2?
  5. Darkworld92

    Homebrew Not64 Update

    Goldeneye runs so much better in Wii64 1.2 rice, so yeah..
  6. Darkworld92

    Zelda live-action Netflix series reportedly cancelled by Nintendo in 2015 following leaks

    never forget that 80% of nintendo fans (myself included) were crying out to the sky that this was NOT gonna be nintendo's next console, little did we know how it woud've turned out later :rofl::switch:
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    Rareware´s canceled Goldeneye 007 XBLA remaster has been released to the public!

    hopefully someone leaks a Wii build with wiimote support.. jk I know it won't happen
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    The Gigaleak 7: Switch SDK from 2015/More Internal Documents

    lol.. can't believe this is real, the best thing about the leaks is that they simply show Nintendo's true colors.
  9. Darkworld92

    Homebrew WiiSX RX - A new fork.

    wait how do u do this exactly? I just keep switching from Wii64 Rice and Not64 due to performance differences if there's a way to make the games be recognized from both ends without having to rename the folder of where the games are, I would love to know
  10. Darkworld92

    Hacking Is there any way to patch a Wii ISO to use the GCN Official Controller Adapter on the vWii?

    so I guess this will also work on Wii family editions?
  11. Darkworld92

    [UPDATE] Microsoft announces acquisition of Bethesda

    confirmed, they're going all out next gen.. it'll be like reliving the glory 360 era.
  12. Darkworld92

    Sony confirms PS5 won't be backwards compatible with PS1, PS2, or PS3 games

    I was kinda hoping they would go for PS1/2 backwards compatibility.. looks like Microsoft won this round
  13. Darkworld92

    Gaming Nintendo has lost its greatness

    lol the Switch is much more powerful than the PS3
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