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    Mar 3, 1997 (Age: 21)
    Under the darkness
    I'll act with the impulse I confined
    I want to be destroyed
    Transforming hopes outbreaks​
    In a vivid despair​
    Under the darkness​
    Passions arise in me suddenly​
    I need no regrets​
    I will destroy¬†¬†the pre-destined future and the present​
    Under The Darkness - Len Kagamine, Kaito Shion & Kamui Gakupo
    <br />What do you want me to say?<br /><br />I'm definitely not a good person, at least I not consider myself one.<br />I am a male human, and contrary to popular belief I'm not gay, but asexual. I am currently going through puberty, and my name does not matter. I was born on March 03, Girls Day in Japan, which explains why I have more female friends than male friends. My sign is Pisces.<br />I'm short, about 1.65 cm, I have dark brown eyes and hair the same color, eye color can change to green depending on angle and light that you look.<br />I have a tsundere personality, but I'm shy when it comes to talking to strangers, to the point of not being able to talk to other players in MMORPGs.<br />My friendships are like summer's romances, starting from nothing, you fall in love and thinks that you can never live without the other person, and when you blink your eyes, you've met someone else and the old friend already have forgot you. I cling to people easily, but I do not care when they leave. Enjoy while it lasts and let go without causing any commotion.<br />I like reading and writing, like reading romance and mystery, action and adventure depending of the context. I am currently writing a book, although it is still on initial ideas.<br />Also I like to listen to music too, I like pop-rock, pop, J-pop and K-pop.<br />My favorite singers are Beyonce and Taylor Swift, my favorite bands are: Paramore and FLOW, although lately have heard much school food punishment, NICO touches the wall.<br />My favorite songs are: No, Thank You - Hisaka Youko, and Forever &amp; Always Better Than Revenge - Taylor Swift, Scared of Lonely - Beyonce, Ignorance and Careful - Paramore and Better Off Alone - Becca.<br />My hobby is watching anime and read manga, my favorite genres vary, but include: Shonen, Shoujo, Shonen-ai and yaoi. But I can until I read some manga based solely on the fact that the story be good.<br />My favorite animes are: Lucky Star, K-On!, Code Geass and Durarara!!<br />My favorite manga are: xxxHOLiC, Mirai Nikki: Paradox; Super Lovers.<br /><br />
    I'm not the type to get my heart broken​
    <br />
    I'm not the type to get upset and cry​
    <br />
    Cause I never leave my heart open​
    <br />
    Never hurts me to say goodbye​
    <br />
    Relationships don't get deep to me​
    <br />
    Never got the whole in love thing​
    <br />
    And someone can say they love me truly​
    <br />
    But at the time it don't mean a thing​
    <br />Cry - Rhihanna
    <br /><br />Animes and mangas that I watched/read: Come in my MyAnime List.<br /><br />Games:<br /><br />Kingdom Hearts series, Rune Factory series, Harvest Moon, Devil May Cry, Megaman Star Force (Ryuusei No Rockman) The Legend Of Zelda, Pokemon, Grand Chase, Pokemon Series, Dreams Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon;


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