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    Homebrew RELEASE SwitchNews

    good job and interesting idea, keep the nice work! :)
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    Homebrew WIP Diablo-NX - Nintendo Switch Port of DevilutionX (Diablo)

    Im gonna try the last update, pray for me
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    Diablo ll resurrected, any way to bypass the "link account to play"?

    The savegamefix didnt work. I hadnt previously installed the updates: I follow all the steps, from 1.0 play the game, restore the save, update and then i get error for authetification. Ok, i installed 1.0, make a character, save on jskv, edit my own json save as it is indicated ("User Last...
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    Homebrew WIP ReverseNX - Flag your console as handheld or docked

    i guess switch lite has no dock mode itself :S
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    thank you my friend!

    thank you my friend!
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    Homebrew Suggestion Command & Conquer code have been released by EA — Switch port?..

    some rts games are playable on smartphones some even made for it, but always worse then with keyboard and mouse
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    Homebrew Question 3DS emulation on Switch

    someone needs to learn the meening of the word sarcasm XD
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    Homebrew Question 3DS emulation on Switch

    you are all talking about citra on switch, right? how can i get the core? where can i patreon for example? thank you!
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    Homebrew Question 3DS emulation on Switch

    awesome, just incredible 2 days ago i knew about this and was very surprised of how well it runs, maybe we will have full speed even soon?
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    Homebrew WIP melonDS for Switch

    yes, both of them
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    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    yes, my fault, i change everything right after posting :( i came back to change the post by the way, i guess it is normal that its better optimized as an external homebrew than in retroarch? because at least the sound is worse, or maybe i can tweak something?
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    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    I was very happy when i saw that the melonds core was updated on retroarch, as i prefer having everthing on it, but i cant get it to work properly, How can i put both screens side ot side? and also the touchscreen is not working :( its just my case? thanks guys, you amke switch scene the best!
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    Homebrew Discussion SwitchRoot - Android

    There are really easy tutorials, in xdadev
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