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    Homebrew WIP OpenMW for Switch

    I am getting error at launch, I honestly don't know why it's doing this, I followed tutorial. :(
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    Hacking Question Using hacked and legit Switch on the same internet

    Thanks for reply! Also is it safe to use, example labo vr cartridge to launch homebrew menu? Like safe to use cart on legit switch too?
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    Hacking Question Using hacked and legit Switch on the same internet

    Stupid question: So I have v1 and v2 switches, I have hacked the v1 and been using v2 as normal legit use. (v1 does not have nintendo account logged in). Question is : If I use both of the systems in dock with same lan adapter can nintendo somehow ban my v2 one?
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    Gaming How to identify real and fake GBA boxes and manuals?

    So I bought Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem : The Sacred Stones for really cheap what they are worth now. I got them for 60€ each and they are really good condition. I have checked cartigde insides and confirmed them as legit, but good condition and cheap price is really suspicious, how can you tell...
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    Gaming Skyward Sword Problem

    Hey, I was playing Skyward Sword for the first time and got rather annoying problem. I was in the first boss battle, when in middle of battle, Link started to move forward itself without me touching the nunchuck. At first I thought it supposed to go that way, like boss takes 'control' of you...
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    Gaming Gameboy advance av output mod possible?

    Hello! I was considering to pull off ultimate mod on my GBA, when i found this from my closet. []( It's video/audio cable to 3.5mm plug. I was wondering if its possible to make solder job that headphone jack would produce video/audio...
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    Gaming Any Gameboy Micro experts here?

    I hope this video will show problem better.
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    Gaming Any Gameboy Micro experts here?

    Really? I feel like dust gets more easily under the screen and due the bulges on sides B buttons surrounding are rised little bit.
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    Gaming Any Gameboy Micro experts here?

    I am having a minor problem with micro. The faceplate and micro has all clips and it clicks nicely on place. Homever it bulges slightly on all four sides near the lcd itself. I was wondering if the black foam thing supposed to be adhesive to keep faceplate flush. I will link imgur link so you...
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    Gaming AGS-001 Screen/Light Assembly into OG GBA MOD

    Yet another modded GBA. Edit. Cant get image show. Added link to it.
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    Question about DMG and Micro.

    Hey my main problem is DMG screen has somewhat quick moving scanline like things around the screen. Wonder what could cause this. Ignore lines in sides im not refering to them heres video to explain better. And the micro thing is my micro and its faceplate has...
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    Gaming Does this zelda phantom hourglass l

    Yes i noticed this too. You think its still legit? My DSiXL, 3DSXL and new 3DSXL all read it.
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    Gaming Does this zelda phantom hourglass l

    Hey, and sorry if thread is at wrong place, i received today phantom hourglass from mail and was wondering if its legit, since nowadays moves much gba bootlegs, (so why not nds) thanks for all answers in advance here is picture. -Creedeth
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    Gaming Can you say are my game and console legit?

    Yes, i have thinked getting Y-screwdriver to check gba games when i buy them used.
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    Gaming Can you say are my game and console legit?

    Yeah GBA doesnt have any pre isntalled, or back/frontlight also it plays original gameboy games. I assume these are good proof to be legit.
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