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    Homebrew Official ddd - WiiU Title Dumper

    Ah, never mind, everybody --- turned out it was stupid user error ---> mine. I had downloaded half a dozen games and they all worked fine. I had successfully dumped 8 games but none of the worked even though I got the code/content/meta directories successfully. The stupid user error was that...
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    Homebrew Official ddd - WiiU Title Dumper

    Going to try dimoks udpdumpreader to see if I can see what, if any, error and posthat my results...
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    Homebrew Official ddd - WiiU Title Dumper

    Thanks for the quick reply. No, that does not seem to be it. I just tried it again and it generates the same exact files as before (confirmed with crc32 checks)...just for kicks I dumped to my MacBook and it dumps the same exact files as my Windows7 so I still have unusable /vol/code files it...
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    Homebrew Official ddd - WiiU Title Dumper

    I have a 5.5.1 U console and the ddd seems to work fine dumping all /vol --- but when I try to run it on loadiine, it just flashes the "black screen/loading bar" for a microsecond and then jumps back out to the main games rotary display screen. None of my dumped games seem to work, but all the...
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    Wii #1348 - Burger Island (USA)

    I've been getting a green screen and a system hang on the official full release as well as the previously scrubbed release --- anybody else having that problem. Neither softchip or usb loader works with this. I find it hard to believe that a Destineer game would be the only one incompatible...
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    Wii #XXXX - Trivial Pursuit *NUKED* (USA)

    Weird, not sure why they nuked this, worked fine for me (the Mario Tennis made me waste a disk and suspiciously WiiScrubbed to the same size) the beginning it does allow the selection of other languages, but since I chose US, I didn't bother to look at what the other choices were.
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