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    ROM Hack Diablo 3 modded gear Help

    No, there is no loot sharing/trading at all.
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    Hacking Firmware 9.0 and emunand 8.1

    I am not able to boot in to emunand on 2 sd cards, one with 8.0.1 and one with 8.1.0 since updating sysnand to 9.0. I get error 2002-2634 "An error has occurred" EDIT: Took out game cart, boots fine
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    Homebrew Question Question red alert

    I have no experience in porting anything, but OpenRA might be something that could be ported? Supports C&C TD, RA and Dune 2000 and they are working on TS and RA2 support (though it looks a ways off)
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    Hacking SX OS contains brick code!

    Nope was right off their site, nothing done to it. So it only passwords your NAND if you tamper?
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    Hacking SX OS contains brick code!

    Does anyone know if simply booting SXOS will password your NAND? I have booted the OS but not licensed it, wondering if that is enough to screw me
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    ROM Hack Question Can Switch Saves Be Edited with HxD?

    Do you have a link to a tutorial on that by any chance? EDIT: Have followed a few different guides but I either cant load the save after or the gold is the same value before the edit
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    Homebrew [Release] ScummVM 3DS

    Just ran up some of the Sierra SCI games, they run fine but there is a small problem with the mouse controls. The cursor's "click point" is usually on the bottom right of the cursor, so when you are trying to move to a screen on the left, you can't. The "click point" is too far to the right of...
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    Homebrew PHPInstallMiiRepo

    I have created a new version that uses SQLite so it is now self contained as @Suiginou "suggested". It is a separate package as I will be updating the MySQL based version along side the SQLite version. New version is available here -
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    Homebrew InstallMii Repo thread [Constantly Updating]

    I have released a newer more comprehensive version of the repo script. This one stores data in a database and picks up things that dont have SMDH files. Can be found here The repo I am running off it at the moment is at...
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    Homebrew [WIP] installMii - Graphical repository downloader

    I think the dev is MIA, but if you have your own webhosting you can run your own repo. There are a few repos in this thread though it has not updated in a while. I have a repo up at but...
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    Homebrew PHPInstallMiiRepo

    Is that a suggestion or just a flat out criticism? I have not worked with sqllite before, but I will look in to implementing that.
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    Homebrew PHPInstallMiiRepo

    OP updated, V1.0 of the new Admin version has been released. See op for more info
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    Homebrew [WIP] installMii - Graphical repository downloader

    Sorry for the double post, but I have pushed out v1.0 of my admin tool, it is available here - Adds a lot of functionality, you have the ability to create custom packages, add more than 1 repo to your repo.list and a whole bunch of...
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    Homebrew [WIP] installMii - Graphical repository downloader

    New version of my PHP based admin tool is out -
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    Homebrew PHPInstallMiiRepo

    I have been working on a new version that uses MySQL to store the package details so you can edit things on the fly. New version is up at
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